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Our trip to Eden Camp

On Monday we went to Eden camp we were very excited to see all the amazing things what were included such as weapons.

When we were on the bus it was fun, exciting and amazing we were just a bit too silly it took about 1 hour and 33 minutes  to get there. When we arrived we went to the mess hut 3 to put our bags away. Then, we went to the toilets.

After the mess hut we went to hut one and looked at the horrid rapid objects. First we went to hut 2 what was about news papers what told us about when the blackout was. Then it was the puppet show what is funny.

We had lunch what were yummy! Then we went to more huts what had the u-boat and the blitz and more. Then we went to the gift shop we got some awesome then we eat some sweets what we got then we went on a play park and jumped off a bridge it was fun.

On the way back we ate lots and sweets on the bus.

By Millie, Connor and Dylan

Our Weird Yet Amazing Time At Eden Camp

Dear Diary,
On Monday we went to Eden Camp near York. We travelled by bus that was nice and pristine, it took one hour to get there. Also when we got there it was freezing cold.As we were walking we came across a puppet show and watched it. After that we went to the next hut it smelt DISGUSTING!!, but it was educational. After going through a bunch of huts we finally had lunch!The huts were like real times in world war two, and smelt like it too.I really liked it and it is amazing that we have an amazing teacher who brought us on an amazing shcool trip and we had an amazing day.

by Leyla, Wiki and Neeve.

Terror Attacks spread through the lands of the world

The deafening planes charge through the London air, dropping missiles on the buildings like there is no tomorrow. The alarms  spread  all over London, it is almost worst than pearl harbor.

In a small home, a frightened boy peers through the curtain and watches the bombs fall to the ground. The horrified boy’s mum grabs Henry and runs to alert the family.

Mum runs up stairs to get her sleeping daughter, all four of them run to the bombing shelter. Henry runs back for a picture of his Dad. Suddenly a bomb drops next to their house, the windows shatter, the picture frames glass smashes.

Henry and his older brother Brian picked up the broken picture and ran as fast as they could back to the bombing shelter, with their family where it is safe. Brian starts shouting at Henry, “Why did you risk your life for a picture, just why?” “Stop shouting both of you!” Mum shouted angrily.

by Archie and Chester


The Bombing World War ll

Frightening, terrified and horrid, the dark black jets fly through the sky over all the bombing and explosions. Meanwhile, Tommy was watching the furious explosions. His older brother Max shouted to him “Tommy come down hear now!” Tommy rushed down and grabbed his precious things.

Mum told Tommy and Max to quickly go and get their younger sisters Ariana and Esme. “AAaaaaaaaaa!!!” Esme screamed as everyone ran upstairs including Ariana. They grabbed the girls and ran outside as quick as they can into the shelter. Tommy ran back inside with no explanation.Awfully he went to get his dads picture and a big bad explosion happened.Max went after him and grabbed his arm and ran back to the shelter.” What were you thinking?”shouted Max. “Get in ,quick.” Mum whispered. The two boys jumped in and mum shut the door and they couldn’t come out until the bombing ended.


War is Near


War is near… The sky is filled with breath taking smoke and ash. They want revenge. Dropping atomic nukes and sending our houses crushing down by tanks. The RAF tried to defend the county. It was the bloodiest war zone ever.
Suddenly one of the pilots had an inhuman idea to destroy the city but let the people live so they could be used for slavery. It was finally judgment day. They were filled with rage and hate on London, the people ran faster than their legs could take them to try and reach their bomb shelters.
“Edward, what are you doing next to that crusty old window? Quick we need to get you brother and sister” (who are in bed). They ran to the bomb shelter “Wait” screamed Peter. “Daaaad”. He ran in to the house to grab the picture of his dad but a bomb came right outside the window the glass shattered and Edward grabbed Peter and went to the bomb shelter…

By Travis and Joshua