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Blooming Blitz

Fearlessly, a bomber plain explodes tiny helpless citizens “PETER WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET OVER HEAR!” Shouted mum. BANG when a bomb. “Come Susan, what are you doing we have to get out now!” Shouted Lucy “everyone get to the bunker” screamed mum. Cruelly a bomb exploded in the distance.”We forgot dad inside” Peter get back here, i’ll get him PETER come back we could die. “Edward squealed. BOOM as the weak poor Windows shattered everywhere Peter grabbed the picture which was also shattered. They ran back “Peter you are so selfish!” Edward Angrily raged. “Give it up Edward” Peter said as he slammed the cold hard the door.

Frightful WW2

Loudly the sirens cried through the dark, deep sky as they went off and frightened many people. The planes, with rage, zoomed through the black, foggy and dark sky. Confidently, the pilots defended their country with their propellers and guns. The family woke up. Mum was shouting with fear “wakeup”. Edward was staring through the old, dusty and rusty window whilst the rest of the family ran quickly to the air raid shelter. Peter realised Edward wasn’t there. As quick as a flash Peter ran to get Edward. He ran and shouted ” Edward where are you!” BOOM as the ground shook; the family was in a panic. Meanwile mum was checking all the beds so none of the kids was still in the house.10 minutes later all of them were in the shelter and it was going to be a very scary night. The WW2 was a horrible day.


By Leyla and Wiki