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The legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time there was lots of loud people but there was two main people called Harry and Carl. Carefully, people were walking over the massive grass. There were so many people there. Carl and  Harry were acting like nice people but inside they were cruel. They were being horrible to act in with them, then all of a sudden…

They were all crowded so that was Carl and Harry’s time to go. What they were planning to do was destroy the legend so they sneaked of and ran as quick as a flash. Some knew what was happening so before they knew it she fooled them so quick and hid. The person was panicking not knowing what to do then Carl and Harry came so the person stayed low until…

Glamorously, running over to the brown, dark tree because that was there aim, to get away because there was evil. So they got some fire and oil and did the worst things possible and it was wild and horrible.

All of a sudden,the person came out and said “Stop right there,”and got the fire and oil and snatched it out of their hand. She said “don’t came back or I will get you”. If they came back they would have never seen daylight again. The person did tell them.

As they were leaving the person called the police as quick as possible. Then the person went back to tell everyone what had gone wrong and they put a guard up to make sure they can not destroy anything and they all lived happily ever after.

10 years later something happened…

by Emily

Eden Camp

On 9th November at 9am I went to Eden Camp we first started by going on the bus, it was a long journey but we got there in the end.When we first got there we went to a puppet show about famous singers which was really funny and entertaining, at one point we had water shot out at us. We walked through a few huts inside them were a few facts about Hitler and his men and a few about the concentration camps and the jews.

Next came lunch, we had about half an hour to eat our snacks.We then went around a few more huts and then gave Josh some coke and as we thought Josh shook it and it exploded and everybody laughed.After that we went around some vegetable gardens, there were carrots, onions and broccoli.
After that we went around some more huts and then finished the day off in the playground and the gift shop where I bought a pretend snake which I called Bob.We then had another bus journey where we had a fun time with George.Half way through our journey Travis threw up but then he was fine, we were all ok and had a great time.Best school trip ever!!!

so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by josh george and logan;]

Our trip to Eden Camp

On Monday we went to Eden camp we were very excited to see all the amazing things what were included such as weapons.

When we were on the bus it was fun, exciting and amazing we were just a bit too silly it took about 1 hour and 33 minutes  to get there. When we arrived we went to the mess hut 3 to put our bags away. Then, we went to the toilets.

After the mess hut we went to hut one and looked at the horrid rapid objects. First we went to hut 2 what was about news papers what told us about when the blackout was. Then it was the puppet show what is funny.

We had lunch what were yummy! Then we went to more huts what had the u-boat and the blitz and more. Then we went to the gift shop we got some awesome then we eat some sweets what we got then we went on a play park and jumped off a bridge it was fun.

On the way back we ate lots and sweets on the bus.

By Millie, Connor and Dylan