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The Legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time lived a tree called Elm. There were a rich family, who lived in a colossal house, explored a forest. They had a little sister called Emma. She went up to this tree and touched it. She felt really dizzy and then…she vanished.

“Hahahaha” shouted Elm. Her Mum and Dad ran around the magnificent forest to find Emma. Sadly, her mum touched the tree and disappeared. The tree stopped shining and her dad saw blood on the tree and he ran. Dad ran back to the tree and recognised that the blood was gone. He heard footsteps. He felt a warm, soggy hand on his woolly coat. He ran with a fright. Dad saw the tree speak to this man in the forest.

“Hey you there” shouted Dad. He saw the tree and disappeared. He saw a note and it said “Help me!”… but the other side was gone.

“Dad” shouted a familiar voice.

“Emma my sweetie is that you”shouted Dad

“Yes dad” screamed Emma. Later, Dad ran to Emma and saw she had a squirrel in her hand.

“Can we keep it?” said Emma. Emma was happy to have a pet. She was scared about mum.

“Where’s Mum” cried Emma.

“I don’t know” said Dad

by Natalia

The Legend Of Hodsock

Once, long long ago, lived a old tree. This tree was gnarled and ancient. The tree grew in Hodsock in a colossal home and an elegant garden. The tree was called Holly. In the massive mansion lived a kind, rich family and in the family there were 3 children. This is the story of the middle child, Hope. She would play in the forest alone, sometimes she even saw strangers. She liked to go near them but they never talked to her as they didn’t know her. However, one day she wondered near Holly and saw a strange, old man. The man called her over and asked her name. “I’m Hope” she replied ” Who are you?” He was filthy and dark. Slowly, the child walked to Holly as the man commanded. She touched the tree. Suddenly, she heard a horrid, evil laugh. She saw white, then couldn’t move. She couldn’t talk. She was the tree. Legend has it, Hope still rests in Hodsock waiting to be freed from the dark bark and dusty wood she was caged in, but only if someone touches her.

By Neve

The Legend of Hodsock!

Once upon a time… there was a man (36) who decided to go and hunt for the royal Hodsock legend. He could smell the smoggy, strange and horrible smell of the sparkling, bright and cautious fire. He could hear the misty, stormy and fragile wind blowing against his tender, gentle and frail skin. He could see the magnificent, grotesque and tough building standing right beneath his precious, dull and dark feet. 2 hours later… The man, who was tired and worn-out, strolled up to the rocky, old-fashioned and battered stairs. When he opened the door, a random voice called out, “I’m the great tricky tree,” the man’s face was shocked, distinct and elegant as he heard the random, creepy and plain voice. The tricky tree was formed by a group of poised, shiny and fancy molacules. No one liked the great leader (tricky tree) because he was so bossy, vast and powerful. When the man found out about the tricky tree, he grabbed his outstanding, modern and aggressive sword to kill the wild creature. He brought home what his country wanted the famous, misty and dull gem. The man became the king of his city (which was amazing) and he ruled the country until his father passed away…