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The amazing Eden camp trip

One glorious day I woke up excited and cheerful, I arrived at school where we were finally going to the brilient Eden Camp.We went on the bus for 2 hours. Once we arrived at Eden camp we went to a puppet show.After that we went for lunch in hut 1.Then we went around all the huts, after a while we lost count.Finally we went to the shop where we could spend our money.We all bought different stuff.We went back to the bus and back to school where our parents were waiting to pick us up.

by Oakley,Leland and Archie

Blooming Blitz

Fearlessly, a bomber plain explodes tiny helpless citizens “PETER WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET OVER HEAR!” Shouted mum. BANG when a bomb. “Come Susan, what are you doing we have to get out now!” Shouted Lucy “everyone get to the bunker” screamed mum. Cruelly a bomb exploded in the distance.”We forgot dad inside” Peter get back here, i’ll get him PETER come back we could die. “Edward squealed. BOOM as the weak poor Windows shattered everywhere Peter grabbed the picture which was also shattered. They ran back “Peter you are so selfish!” Edward Angrily raged. “Give it up Edward” Peter said as he slammed the cold hard the door.