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The feared name of the Blitz world war 2

Air fighter planes hovered  across the thick smokey breathless air in England.The people were horrified, they were running for there lives (literally). Homes were being crushed with huge bombs, people were devastated. Shortly after the war started, families were all in there protective bomb shelters. There was one hopeless family who had the tiniest chance to survive.

Eventually, they got to the hidden bunker, all were thrown off their stuttering feet. They were all terrified to move even the smallest nerve. All that was heard was the deafening wail of the sirens. The ground shook from the booming bombs. After they got to the protective air shelter, the youngest boy ran back to the crippling house for a picture of his dad, who died in a battle against the nasty, cruel Germans. His older devastated brother grabbed the photograph of his marvelous father, as a huge colossal bomb dropped in their loving, back garden and broke an Ancient window. Their bare knees were dripping with disgusting blood. As soon as they grabbed the photograph, they got up and dashed to their individual bunker. As they got in the bunker, the older one shouted “what are you doing, you ridiculous child!” Their frightened mum screamed “just leave him alone!”

War is Near


War is near… The sky is filled with breath taking smoke and ash. They want revenge. Dropping atomic nukes and sending our houses crushing down by tanks. The RAF tried to defend the county. It was the bloodiest war zone ever.
Suddenly one of the pilots had an inhuman idea to destroy the city but let the people live so they could be used for slavery. It was finally judgment day. They were filled with rage and hate on London, the people ran faster than their legs could take them to try and reach their bomb shelters.
“Edward, what are you doing next to that crusty old window? Quick we need to get you brother and sister” (who are in bed). They ran to the bomb shelter “Wait” screamed Peter. “Daaaad”. He ran in to the house to grab the picture of his dad but a bomb came right outside the window the glass shattered and Edward grabbed Peter and went to the bomb shelter…

By Travis and Joshua

Frightful WW2

Loudly the sirens cried through the dark, deep sky as they went off and frightened many people. The planes, with rage, zoomed through the black, foggy and dark sky. Confidently, the pilots defended their country with their propellers and guns. The family woke up. Mum was shouting with fear “wakeup”. Edward was staring through the old, dusty and rusty window whilst the rest of the family ran quickly to the air raid shelter. Peter realised Edward wasn’t there. As quick as a flash Peter ran to get Edward. He ran and shouted ” Edward where are you!” BOOM as the ground shook; the family was in a panic. Meanwile mum was checking all the beds so none of the kids was still in the house.10 minutes later all of them were in the shelter and it was going to be a very scary night. The WW2 was a horrible day.


By Leyla and Wiki



One terrifying blurred out night, there was a ww2 bombing in an innocent and fearful city. The plane pilots flew straight through the black, misty sky.

A family’s minute and endangered house stood there with its capacity of five people. The where called: Edward, Peter, Lucy, Susan and their mum (the mum’s name remains unknown.) They could all hear the atomic bombs dropping down on the novel city.

Edward (peering out of the window) saw the enemy planes. Lucy could hear bombing in the air and screaming on the patented flooring. Mum could smell the horrid, disgusting and outrageous smoke slithering threw the ancient house and on the misty, minefield streets. Peter (the eldest sibling) felt all the glass pieces shatter against his tender skin. Susan could touch the furious fire sucking closer and closer to her poor fingers.

Running for their lives, the family scattered towards the safe Anderson Shelter and fortunately made it there. When they got in their hearts were racing faster than a cheetah chasing its prey. They all gathered and hugged each other like there was no tomorrow.

By Sam and Jack Ch

The Biltz of World War 2

The lights beamed across the gray smoky sky. Planes flew across the deadly smoky sky. Slowly the fatal bombs started to blow across the sky and people started scream and run to the bomb shelters. The  air sirens wailed as deadly, ferocious  bombs dropped from the sky. a small boy called peter stared at the bombs dropping down on the houses. Peter’s mum came running into the living room to grab him and take him to the bomb shelter. She ran upstairs, exhausted, and collected Lucy then ran out to the bomb shelter. “Wait, dad!” screamed Peter then peter ran inside to the living room to grab the picture of his father.


The War Began

One foggy day, planes zoomed through the foggy, stormy weather. Bombs, which were shaped as rockets, dropped from the dirty, mucky planes. A little boy peered through the crooked window in the ancient house. He saw bombs dropping from the Cole black sky. Suddenly his angry, depressed, worried mother came in and grabbed his shoulder; she screamed at him to move and rushed him and his brothers and sisters to the old, rusty air raid shelter.

The young boy ran back in the house and got his photo for the crusty, wooden shelf followed by his older brother. All of a sudden a massive bomb exploded, with a flash of light the window blew to pieces. Quickly as he could he dragged his little brother to the air raid shelter. He was holding a photo of his dad…

All they could think about was the smelly, black, nauseating smoke; they could hear sirens crying out in the middle of the night. The sight of burning, hot, fierce fire was in their minds
they could taste black ashes. They could feel the ground shaking.

By Natalia and Connor