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The feared name of the Blitz world war 2

Air fighter planes hovered  across the thick smokey breathless air in England.The people were horrified, they were running for there lives (literally). Homes were being crushed with huge bombs, people were devastated. Shortly after the war started, families were all in there protective bomb shelters. There was one hopeless family who had the tiniest chance to survive.

Eventually, they got to the hidden bunker, all were thrown off their stuttering feet. They were all terrified to move even the smallest nerve. All that was heard was the deafening wail of the sirens. The ground shook from the booming bombs. After they got to the protective air shelter, the youngest boy ran back to the crippling house for a picture of his dad, who died in a battle against the nasty, cruel Germans. His older devastated brother grabbed the photograph of his marvelous father, as a huge colossal bomb dropped in their loving, back garden and broke an Ancient window. Their bare knees were dripping with disgusting blood. As soon as they grabbed the photograph, they got up and dashed to their individual bunker. As they got in the bunker, the older one shouted “what are you doing, you ridiculous child!” Their frightened mum screamed “just leave him alone!”



One terrifying blurred out night, there was a ww2 bombing in an innocent and fearful city. The plane pilots flew straight through the black, misty sky.

A family’s minute and endangered house stood there with its capacity of five people. The where called: Edward, Peter, Lucy, Susan and their mum (the mum’s name remains unknown.) They could all hear the atomic bombs dropping down on the novel city.

Edward (peering out of the window) saw the enemy planes. Lucy could hear bombing in the air and screaming on the patented flooring. Mum could smell the horrid, disgusting and outrageous smoke slithering threw the ancient house and on the misty, minefield streets. Peter (the eldest sibling) felt all the glass pieces shatter against his tender skin. Susan could touch the furious fire sucking closer and closer to her poor fingers.

Running for their lives, the family scattered towards the safe Anderson Shelter and fortunately made it there. When they got in their hearts were racing faster than a cheetah chasing its prey. They all gathered and hugged each other like there was no tomorrow.

By Sam and Jack Ch