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Pizza making


Pizza dough

Tomato puree

Cheese (grated)







  1. Carefully, place the dough on your tray and shape it into a a circle (you can make it any size depending on how much dough you have.)
  2. Next you use a spoon to spreads your tomato puree so it covers all your dough (a medium size layer would be best.)
  3. Then you sprinkle your grated cheese on top of your tomato puree, make sure you cover the tomato puree so it dosen’t taste weird on it’s own. Then you add toppings (we used cheese, pineapple, ham and peperoni.)
  4. Finally you put your pizza in the oven for about 20 minutes.

That’s 4 easy steps to follow when making a pizza

By Taya & Emily




The ghostly shadow

The mist was thick obscuring the thing walking through it. It had a human body shape but no one was shore what it was. The skeleton trees that looked dim and horrible, with thick scary branches, swayed in the spooky wind. The ghostly mist is rippled around the trees it seemed to follow the creature keeping just ahead of it. Everytime the thing moved the fence turned into fire and lava then finally ash!

By Euan and Joshua

☠ The Ghostly Shadow ☠

Deep in the woods is a eerie and damp place. The bendy trees swayed in the howling wind; whilst the fog covered what really is beneath the mist of this alarming place was a tall figure of a person that seemed to be a shadow. Oddly, the figure stood still… Not a breath of air could be heard from him. He didn’t even blink. The rickety fence surrounding the stone path.

By Neeve and Jack Clay

Blooming Blitz

Fearlessly, a bomber plain explodes tiny helpless citizens “PETER WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET OVER HEAR!” Shouted mum. BANG when a bomb. “Come Susan, what are you doing we have to get out now!” Shouted Lucy “everyone get to the bunker” screamed mum. Cruelly a bomb exploded in the distance.”We forgot dad inside” Peter get back here, i’ll get him PETER come back we could die. “Edward squealed. BOOM as the weak poor Windows shattered everywhere Peter grabbed the picture which was also shattered. They ran back “Peter you are so selfish!” Edward Angrily raged. “Give it up Edward” Peter said as he slammed the cold hard the door.

💣 The Bombing 💣

The sky was very dim but very quiet… Out of nowhere you could hear loud bangs from planes shooting bullets and getting ready to drop a bomb. There were sirens going off, lights shooting into the sky and fires in yards… It was petrifying.

Caden stared through the window. Wide eyed, he felt tearful. Suddenly mum gripped his shoulder blade and pulled him away from the dusty window. “What do you think you’re doing Caden?!” Yelled mum. Before he could answer she pushed him through the doors and pulled Xavier into her arms and rushed them both out then cried for Lexi and Nellie to come down stairs. Mum held their arms tightly making marks on their skin from her nails.

They ran out of the small, wooden cottage with Lexi screaming tearfully. As they ran crying into the basement, Caden turned back shouting “Wait – Dad!” and ran into the house as Xavier tried to catch him. Caden grabbed onto the picture of dad then Xavier pulled him back with all his force, Caden suddenly dropped the picture and it shattered into small shards. Quickly, Caden then took the remains of the picture heading for the door then a bomb hit the side of the house. Bricks flew across the room crashing down on the floor making the house dusty. They managed to get back to the basement.

Then Caden collapsed onto the floor. “You’re so selfish, how could you run back like that!?” Shouted Xavier roaring with rage. “Xavier! Don’t yell at your brother like that!” Cried mum, pulling him backwards with a frown on her face. Xavier just sat down crossing his arms grumpily…

By Neeve Brown and Pati