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The Legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time lived a tree called Elm. There were a rich family, who lived in a colossal house, explored a forest. They had a little sister called Emma. She went up to this tree and touched it. She felt really dizzy and then…she vanished.

“Hahahaha” shouted Elm. Her Mum and Dad ran around the magnificent forest to find Emma. Sadly, her mum touched the tree and disappeared. The tree stopped shining and her dad saw blood on the tree and he ran. Dad ran back to the tree and recognised that the blood was gone. He heard footsteps. He felt a warm, soggy hand on his woolly coat. He ran with a fright. Dad saw the tree speak to this man in the forest.

“Hey you there” shouted Dad. He saw the tree and disappeared. He saw a note and it said “Help me!”… but the other side was gone.

“Dad” shouted a familiar voice.

“Emma my sweetie is that you”shouted Dad

“Yes dad” screamed Emma. Later, Dad ran to Emma and saw she had a squirrel in her hand.

“Can we keep it?” said Emma. Emma was happy to have a pet. She was scared about mum.

“Where’s Mum” cried Emma.

“I don’t know” said Dad

by Natalia

The Legend Of Hodsock

Once upon a time there was a wealthy family that lived in a massive house in Hodsock. The Edwards family were very protective with each over and especially since the plague had started. One day the parents of the child died because they caught the plague. In hope that she would hear her parents voices again, Lilly planted them in their back garden under her favourite tree. Every day in school and after school she would cry. Everyone that was around her got worried and were trying to cheer her up as much as possible.

Miserably, Lilly walked over to where she had buried her parents and noticed something strange. The trees looked like her parents. A large amount like their parents. They had eyes one big and round and the other one had thin eyes like her dad, they had small smiles round, button noses.

“Something smells fishy round here!” whispered Lilly to herself. Then she stared deep into the tree. “It’s the fish pond sweetie” the left tree giggled it sounded exactly like her mother. “Run honey before the plague catches you too. Run. Run as fast as your timid legs carry you. Run far far away. Listen to me you have got to go, promise me?” The right tree warned. No words came out of Lilly’s mouth. She froze on the spot. She thought she was dreaming, she wanted to go inside and get away from these trees but it felt like her feet had melted into the ground, she couldn’t move.

Slowly she sank to the floor and started crying, then coughing out blood she started sobbing and screaming. Suddenly, she felt like she had a massive space missing where her stomach was supposed to be. Just then she felt like she was floating, everything was spinning. Which way was the sky? She didn’t know then with a loud thud she hit the floor.

“Keep it together get up Lilly” she mumbled in pain to herself. Finally she got up and saw her mum and dad but they looked like a ghost. “We warned you. We told you to run nut you didn’t listen look at you now” they whispered ashamed. “I’m sorry! I should of listened. Help me please! I love you!” she screamed then she fell back on the ground and shut her eyelids. Unfortunately, it was too late sports someone to help… She was dead.

By Melissa

Hodsock legend

Once there was a little boy who was in the woods his name was Steve . But he had no friends so he ran away . Suddenly, he saw a giant oak tree that stood like a protector of the forest . He prodded the tree and got sucked in to the tree . He was afraid . Eventually a wood chopper came and hit the tree suddenly the boy shot out of the ground and the wood cuter was sucked in . Quickly, he ran and ran until he got there, surprisingly his family was not in the house . They had gone far away trying to find him . He set out to find them first he searched the woods and found an old, ugly and wretched tree that he was trapped in for the last year, yet the boy did not know . Then a stunning young man came round the corner and told every thing he lived happily ever after.

The end .

Magic Frog

Once there was a young boy and his name was Timmy. Timmy, who lived near a pond , wanted to to see the pond up close. When he went to the pond, he saw lots of fish and frogs there.

Slowly, he peered over the edge of the pond, but suddenly he tripped over a small pebble and nearly fell in. When he turned around, he saw a man and the man pushed him into the pond.

He quickly sank to the bottom and saw lots of flashing lights, so he swam to them. However, when he was nearly half way there, he desperately needed air. He just could not hold his breath, so sank to the bottom of the deep pond and landed in an undiscovered underwater city. They were lots of magical frogs having a party.

Timmy danced and danced until he could no longer. He liked it there so decided to stay.

Making Pizza

Today we have learnt to make pizza, this is how you make it.






Tomato purée

Any extra toppings


1. Firstly, mix your flour, salt and water to make the dough and roll the dough flat but not too flat.

2. Next, spread your tomato purée onto your rolled out dough.

3.After that, sprinkle lots of cheese on it.

4.Last, add on as many toppings as you like or you don’t have to add any if you don’t want any extra ones on.

How to make a pizza!


    • Pizza base
    • cheese
    • tomato puree
    • ham
    • pineapple
    • pepparoni


    1. First, you will need to grab yourself a circular, textured and squishy pizza base.
    2. Secondly, get your dark red, gooey and sticky tomato puree.
    3. Thirdly, spread it all over your perfect pizza base.
    4. Next get some of your fine, grated cheese and carefully sprinkle it in even quantities all over it.
    5. After that grab your finely sliced toppings (it can be any topping you would like.)
    6. Finally put your delicious, beautiful and colourful pizza into the burning oven and wait for it to cook.
    7. Then you enjoy your pizza!

The amazing Eden camp trip

One glorious day I woke up excited and cheerful, I arrived at school where we were finally going to the brilient Eden Camp.We went on the bus for 2 hours. Once we arrived at Eden camp we went to a puppet show.After that we went for lunch in hut 1.Then we went around all the huts, after a while we lost count.Finally we went to the shop where we could spend our money.We all bought different stuff.We went back to the bus and back to school where our parents were waiting to pick us up.

by Oakley,Leland and Archie

The mythical shadow

After this day I was scared for life…

Regretfully, I was walking back from school alone and I decided to take a little shortcut through the alarming forest. So I set off, as fast as a flash without any concerns at all but when I stepped into the forest and straight away I felt a shiver on my spine. The crooked trees swayed to the wind and bent over the razor-sharp fence. I saw I ghostly shadow watching me ask turned around. I stepped forward a little and it raced towards the fencing. I spun around thinking I was seeing things but no there it was staring into my soul. “Hey!!” I shouted and then started running. I blinked. It was gone. Ever since that haunted day I never walked down that haunted path through the forest ever again…

Our Weird Yet Amazing Time At Eden Camp

Dear Diary,
On Monday we went to Eden Camp near York. We travelled by bus that was nice and pristine, it took one hour to get there. Also when we got there it was freezing cold.As we were walking we came across a puppet show and watched it. After that we went to the next hut it smelt DISGUSTING!!, but it was educational. After going through a bunch of huts we finally had lunch!The huts were like real times in world war two, and smelt like it too.I really liked it and it is amazing that we have an amazing teacher who brought us on an amazing shcool trip and we had an amazing day.

by Leyla, Wiki and Neeve.

Terror Attacks spread through the lands of the world

The deafening planes charge through the London air, dropping missiles on the buildings like there is no tomorrow. The alarms  spread  all over London, it is almost worst than pearl harbor.

In a small home, a frightened boy peers through the curtain and watches the bombs fall to the ground. The horrified boy’s mum grabs Henry and runs to alert the family.

Mum runs up stairs to get her sleeping daughter, all four of them run to the bombing shelter. Henry runs back for a picture of his Dad. Suddenly a bomb drops next to their house, the windows shatter, the picture frames glass smashes.

Henry and his older brother Brian picked up the broken picture and ran as fast as they could back to the bombing shelter, with their family where it is safe. Brian starts shouting at Henry, “Why did you risk your life for a picture, just why?” “Stop shouting both of you!” Mum shouted angrily.

by Archie and Chester