Bombs away

One misty night, millions of planes were flying over London. Edward popped his head out of the window and looked up at the misty planes. Suddenly, his mum ran into the room. The nauseating bombs crashed to the ground.

“Quickly, get to the shelter!” his mum shouted. “Mum…mum… help!” yelled Lucy. Edward ran back in to the house to grab a photo of his dad. Peter ran after him and took him back to the shelter. The sirens got louder and louder, every second, every minute, every hour. People ran for their lives. When they got in the shelter, Peter started shouting at Edward. “Why can’t you do what you’re told you silly boy?!”

The bombs were fatal. The bombs did horrific damages in London. The bombs destroyed their house.

The Legend of Hodsock!

Once upon a time… there was a man (36) who decided to go and hunt for the royal Hodsock legend. He could smell the smoggy, strange and horrible smell of the sparkling, bright and cautious fire. He could hear the misty, stormy and fragile wind blowing against his tender, gentle and frail skin. He could see the magnificent, grotesque and tough building standing right beneath his precious, dull and dark feet. 2 hours later… The man, who was tired and worn-out, strolled up to the rocky, old-fashioned and battered stairs. When he opened the door, a random voice called out, “I’m the great tricky tree,” the man’s face was shocked, distinct and elegant as he heard the random, creepy and plain voice. The tricky tree was formed by a group of poised, shiny and fancy molacules. No one liked the great leader (tricky tree) because he was so bossy, vast and powerful. When the man found out about the tricky tree, he grabbed his outstanding, modern and aggressive sword to kill the wild creature. He brought home what his country wanted the famous, misty and dull gem. The man became the king of his city (which was amazing) and he ruled the country until his father passed away…



One terrifying blurred out night, there was a ww2 bombing in an innocent and fearful city. The plane pilots flew straight through the black, misty sky.

A family’s minute and endangered house stood there with its capacity of five people. The where called: Edward, Peter, Lucy, Susan and their mum (the mum’s name remains unknown.) They could all hear the atomic bombs dropping down on the novel city.

Edward (peering out of the window) saw the enemy planes. Lucy could hear bombing in the air and screaming on the patented flooring. Mum could smell the horrid, disgusting and outrageous smoke slithering threw the ancient house and on the misty, minefield streets. Peter (the eldest sibling) felt all the glass pieces shatter against his tender skin. Susan could touch the furious fire sucking closer and closer to her poor fingers.

Running for their lives, the family scattered towards the safe Anderson Shelter and fortunately made it there. When they got in their hearts were racing faster than a cheetah chasing its prey. They all gathered and hugged each other like there was no tomorrow.

By Sam and Jack Ch