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The Hodsock Legends

Living in Hodsock woods were children called Matty, Liam and Vince. They all went out to play in the woods.

They walked into an old abandoned house. Then Matty saw the bloody, old and rusty. Liam touched an old legend he went into agony instantly. The other two ran away the old legend chased them round and round till the legend began to stumble and fell to the tough old legend was know longer in harm to the citizens. All of them pulled his mask of and they saw…

The person under neath the mask was Johnny one of there old friends they fourth it was impossible but he didn’t died so who did ? Vince called the police (he is the only one that had a phone) he went to rot in jail for 10 years and they all lived happily ever after.

by Travis

The Legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time a small, weak tree blew in the wind on a fantastic Friday night. On the other side of the woods, where the tree stood, a gorgeous girl called Cherry went for a midnight walk even though her parents told her not too. After a hour of wandering she came across a small, weak tree full of cherries, Cherry thought it was a lovely coincidence. She decided to pick some of the cherries.

“Cherry, Cherries you pick beware of the hurtful kick!” Whispered a strange voice. Suddenly, Cherry felt someone, something kick her she started sweating rapidly, not knowing what to do she started to run. However, she couldn’t move it felt like she was stuck the ground.

She felt a cold hand on her shoulder she didn’t want to turn around but she had to. To see what or who it was. So she turned around and found nothing apart from the cherry tree. It had moved. It hissed to her, “Not listening to your parents naughty you, I was going to tear you in two but I’ll be kind you see how I was behind. You now see me in front, people will be sent on hunt. After I capture spirit and you guess what your through!”

Just like that cherry disappeared on the spot, the cherry tree shook as tears rolled from it’s eyes. Just then, they stopped rolling and froze, they turned into branches with leaves.

Snap! Went a twig as a girl called Chloe skipped through the woods. It was Cherry’s little sister, trying to shout Cherry tried and tried to open her mouth and shout. Unfortunately, for her it came out as a mumble. Chloe skipped over to the tree and touched the leaf “Poof!” Popped out Cherry.

“Cherry what are you doing here, what were you doing inside the tree?” Exclaimed Chloe, but before Cherry could answer they disappeared. Know one knew what had happened part from a boy watching in the distance. From that point he never went in any woods ever again.

That is the tale of the Cherry tree!

By Taya

The Legend Of Hodsock

Once upon a time there was a wealthy family that lived in a massive house in Hodsock. The Edwards family were very protective with each over and especially since the plague had started. One day the parents of the child died because they caught the plague. In hope that she would hear her parents voices again, Lilly planted them in their back garden under her favourite tree. Every day in school and after school she would cry. Everyone that was around her got worried and were trying to cheer her up as much as possible.

Miserably, Lilly walked over to where she had buried her parents and noticed something strange. The trees looked like her parents. A large amount like their parents. They had eyes one big and round and the other one had thin eyes like her dad, they had small smiles round, button noses.

“Something smells fishy round here!” whispered Lilly to herself. Then she stared deep into the tree. “It’s the fish pond sweetie” the left tree giggled it sounded exactly like her mother. “Run honey before the plague catches you too. Run. Run as fast as your timid legs carry you. Run far far away. Listen to me you have got to go, promise me?” The right tree warned. No words came out of Lilly’s mouth. She froze on the spot. She thought she was dreaming, she wanted to go inside and get away from these trees but it felt like her feet had melted into the ground, she couldn’t move.

Slowly she sank to the floor and started crying, then coughing out blood she started sobbing and screaming. Suddenly, she felt like she had a massive space missing where her stomach was supposed to be. Just then she felt like she was floating, everything was spinning. Which way was the sky? She didn’t know then with a loud thud she hit the floor.

“Keep it together get up Lilly” she mumbled in pain to herself. Finally she got up and saw her mum and dad but they looked like a ghost. “We warned you. We told you to run nut you didn’t listen look at you now” they whispered ashamed. “I’m sorry! I should of listened. Help me please! I love you!” she screamed then she fell back on the ground and shut her eyelids. Unfortunately, it was too late sports someone to help… She was dead.

By Melissa

An open door…

Carefully, Rachel lifted her left foot up and placed it on the step, she looked back at her friends trying to form some sort of fake smile on her face so they couldn’t see how much fear she felt inside. Rachel wasn’t one for doing dangerous and daring stuff like this, only one person in the whole world knew how she felt right now and that was her best friend Ellie, who was her sister, not by blood but everything else made them sister’s, Ellie gave her a brief smile trying to reassure her that she’d be okay.

Rachel bit her lip: she pinched herself hoping that she might, just might wake up from this nightmare, unfortunately she found herself still stood there.

“Oi, you gonna go in or what? I haven’t got time for your pathetic little games or life in fact!” Paige shouted. Paige, Rachel hated every ounce her (Paige felt the same.) “Well if your that bored go home and play scrabble with your nan you don’t need too be here!” interrupted Ellie.

“WAS I TALKING TOO YOU? I THINK YOU’LL FIND I WASN’T SO SHUT UP ELLIE!” Paige yelled at the top of her lungs.

“I’ve awoken the beast, stand back everyone!” Ellie muttered, while laughing quietly.

Rachel spun her head round, “Paige since you want me to find out what’s in there why don’t you join me?” she knew that Paige would not chicken out in front of her friends and Rachel (her mortal enemy.)

Holding her head high, her £500, hot pink 10 inch, the best money could buy high heeled boots clunking and twirling her hair acting all sweet and innocent like, she sashayed over too Rachel.

“Come on, you coming or what. Aw do you want me to hold your hand and pretend I’m your mummy? Mind you I won’t have a child anywhere near as ugly as you!” she whispered, “Come on then,” she gestured for Rachel to move to the door first. Taking a small and tiny, an unsure and uncertain step forward. Then another and another till soon she found herself a few centimetres away from the soggy, soaking wet door.

Gloomy, weak lights flickered in front of them. In the distance their friends looked at them with faces full of worry. Terrified, spooked and worried Rachel reached out in front of her where the haunted, horrible and hideous door stood. Round, rusty and ancient the wobbly, unstable door handle squeaked as Rachel, who was shivering, nervously pushed it down trying to open the door (not that she wanted too.)

Creaking, the dusty damp door fell open. Strutting into the doorway, showing off her designer clothes Paige whipped her head around and narrowed her eyes so the were exactly inline with Rachel’s. “You coming or do I need too drag you in by your hair!” she snapped.

“Coming bestie,” she replied back sarcastically, while doing an eye roll. With them both peering round the corner they suddenly fell in. Bang! The dirty door slammed shut…

“Umm… What should we?” asked Paige

“Well since we’re in here already, I guess we should take a look around,” replied Rachel.

Rachel’s ripped, black jeans with the high waist got stuck on a old cupboard. Not knowing what to do she hissed over too Paige and asked her to help her. After finally being unhooked from the cupboard Rachel looked down at the floorboards beneath her that were squeaking. Meanwhile, Paige had found an interest in a open door, she wondered what might be inside. Curiously, she wandered towards the door and soon found herself looking at something that words couldn’t describe.

“Paige where’ve you gone?” called a voice from the next room. Paige was looking under a cupboard when Rachel fell back at what her eyes were witnessing, what she was witnessing. Are you wondering what was in the room? Let me tell you, this room was not like any other room in this house. This one was actually pretty, beautiful even, it was filled with kids books about animals, royal people and other types of fairy tales. Swoosh! “Oww, my head hurts. Wait Paige where are you?” moaned Rachel.

“Down here!” a voice called from the floor. A tiny little person stood looking in a mirror, checking herself out. She looked like a toy that you’d get from McDonald’s.

Rachel had an idea  so as quick as she could she scooped Paige up into her arms and rushed up the stairs running up the ladder for the attic, inside the attic it was bare, apart from what looked like a book, the book was in the corner. Rachel picked it up. As soon as she picked it up they both fell to the floor just like before, except Paige was back to her normal side and all their friends were inside.

Before they could ask what they were doing inside they all screamed. “Aaahhh!”

They didn’t know what they were looking at but it was staring them right in the eye…

By Taya

The legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time there lived an aggressive, manky ancient tree which lived in an enchanted forest. Everyone has heard a different incredible myth but here is the real one.

Pleasant People were killed threatened and absolutely terrified. The unique tree sucked up innocent people. Every time someone was sucked up they were trapped inside the gruesome fat, wide, long belly of the thoughtless tree  unless some magnificent special person came and killed the stupid tree. If the heart broken people aren’t saved in 25 years they unfortunately could not survive.

Luckily there lived a kung fu master called Ted. He lived in the colossal best building of Hodsock. He trained 20 hours a day so he could eventually conquer the spiteful tree. He lived in a stunning exquisite house with 50 rooms and 10 floors.

2 years later,something crazy happened. SLASH! Went the blade into the vile unpleasant tree as it thumped against the mucky floor. Millions of thankful people walked out in shock. “How has someone saved me?” Someone exclaimed thankfully.

As the warrior helped each and every one of the millions of people out everyone was congratulating him as helped every, patient person out of the trees, blood splurging belly.




by Thomas Parker

The legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time there was lots of loud people but there was two main people called Harry and Carl. Carefully, people were walking over the massive grass. There were so many people there. Carl and  Harry were acting like nice people but inside they were cruel. They were being horrible to act in with them, then all of a sudden…

They were all crowded so that was Carl and Harry’s time to go. What they were planning to do was destroy the legend so they sneaked of and ran as quick as a flash. Some knew what was happening so before they knew it she fooled them so quick and hid. The person was panicking not knowing what to do then Carl and Harry came so the person stayed low until…

Glamorously, running over to the brown, dark tree because that was there aim, to get away because there was evil. So they got some fire and oil and did the worst things possible and it was wild and horrible.

All of a sudden,the person came out and said “Stop right there,”and got the fire and oil and snatched it out of their hand. She said “don’t came back or I will get you”. If they came back they would have never seen daylight again. The person did tell them.

As they were leaving the person called the police as quick as possible. Then the person went back to tell everyone what had gone wrong and they put a guard up to make sure they can not destroy anything and they all lived happily ever after.

10 years later something happened…

by Emily

Making Pizza

Today we have learnt to make pizza, this is how you make it.






Tomato purée

Any extra toppings


1. Firstly, mix your flour, salt and water to make the dough and roll the dough flat but not too flat.

2. Next, spread your tomato purée onto your rolled out dough.

3.After that, sprinkle lots of cheese on it.

4.Last, add on as many toppings as you like or you don’t have to add any if you don’t want any extra ones on.

How to make a pizza!


    • Pizza base
    • cheese
    • tomato puree
    • ham
    • pineapple
    • pepparoni


    1. First, you will need to grab yourself a circular, textured and squishy pizza base.
    2. Secondly, get your dark red, gooey and sticky tomato puree.
    3. Thirdly, spread it all over your perfect pizza base.
    4. Next get some of your fine, grated cheese and carefully sprinkle it in even quantities all over it.
    5. After that grab your finely sliced toppings (it can be any topping you would like.)
    6. Finally put your delicious, beautiful and colourful pizza into the burning oven and wait for it to cook.
    7. Then you enjoy your pizza!

The Exciting Day at Eden Camp

7:00 am, Monday 6th November:

The day had finally come. Our class was going to Eden camp. After a long weekends wait the day had come at last. My eyes sprung open and I hopped out of bed. I threw on my school uniform and went downstairs for breakfast. As I gulped down my cereal I thought about all the amazing activities that lay ahead of me. After I finished, I went upstairs to brush my teeth (squeaky clean) and style my hair neatly. In a matter of time I was ready and leaped out of the house and with a spring in my step I set off to school.

The bus arrived at 9:00 and the excitement was building up. Straight after we double checked that we had the first aid kit and spare register we sensibly yet quikly got on to the bus.The engine started and in a flash we were off. We were all talking and about 30 minuets in the journey Euan threw up with a disgusting noise. About 5 minuets later Travis spewed all down the isle and up the seat infront of him. Yuck! Anyway soon after we saw a sign saying “Eden Camp”. Next to that there was a watch tower with a WW2 setting around it. Then we parked the coach, got out, put our stuff into the mess hut and then headed towards our first hut.We went inside and there was lots of intresting newspapers from the time of World War 2. After a few minutes of reading we went outside and took a few pictures then went into an old time puppet show about famous figures in the war.

The best part of the puppet show was either singing “When I’m cleaning windows,” or being sprayed with water. It was very funny and made us laugh allot. When the show was ending we sang “We’ll meet again,” and then Miss Williams made us sing it again because we were not loud enough.

Next we, went to our mess hut and had lunch. And we had sweets and shared really bad jokes. After that we went outside and went into some more huts. There were lots of fun and interesting facts with wax figures that look lifelike and were moving to act out a scene from ww2. In the one that was telling us about ww2 submarines, george pulled a chain and it made a large sound (we took a lot of photos). There was a blitz scene and in my opinion it was the best hut. Hut 11 was where the blitz scene took place. They had re-created a street that had been blown up and had lots of smoke and fire. In the background there was a soldier checking if anyone was home. Can you imagine what it would be like in real life? Coming back to your home after a long day and seeing that it had been blown up and was all burnt down with smoke all around you? I couldn’t. Anyway as you walked through the street it got dalker and dalker until it was pitch black. This was supposed to represent the black out and it worked we couldn’t see anything except black. To prove that it worked I will tell you something. Miss Jackson (the y6 teaching assistant ) turned round and poked me in the eye she didn’t even relise who it was or where she poked.

After the huts we went on a play park/adventure park and we were just running around it was so funny. Jasmine and I were jumping up and down on this bridge that was almost touching the floor and we both jumped at the same time. We thought that we broke it because it was closer to the floor than it was last time but in the end we figured out that we didn’t break it.

A few minutes passed and we were off the park and heading to the bus. We all buckled up safely and a few moments later we were off back to school. Yesss! We made it to school without anyone being sick all over. Umm not quite. We were just about to park when Euan threw up again. The worst part was that we had almost made it.

After an exciting day I just wanted to pull on my onesie and go to sleep. It was such an incredible day that the time flew. I definitely recommend you to go to Eden camp if you are interested in WW2. It was a fun but educational day. After a few hours I went upstairs and turned the lights out…



                                     Melissa and Ruby

The Legend Of Hodsock

Once, long long ago, lived a old tree. This tree was gnarled and ancient. The tree grew in Hodsock in a colossal home and an elegant garden. The tree was called Holly. In the massive mansion lived a kind, rich family and in the family there were 3 children. This is the story of the middle child, Hope. She would play in the forest alone, sometimes she even saw strangers. She liked to go near them but they never talked to her as they didn’t know her. However, one day she wondered near Holly and saw a strange, old man. The man called her over and asked her name. “I’m Hope” she replied ” Who are you?” He was filthy and dark. Slowly, the child walked to Holly as the man commanded. She touched the tree. Suddenly, she heard a horrid, evil laugh. She saw white, then couldn’t move. She couldn’t talk. She was the tree. Legend has it, Hope still rests in Hodsock waiting to be freed from the dark bark and dusty wood she was caged in, but only if someone touches her.

By Neve