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The ghostly shadow

In the distance, I saw a shadow walking aggressively towards me. There was no one or nothing to help me; it was just thick fog, old trees with bark falling off into the wind. I stood there in fear not moving a muscle. Until…I realised…

I was moving towards him! I didn’t know until I realised he was an innocent man and I was possessed!! Am I doing this?? He turned around fog covered his face and then…BOOM I woke up in my bed not knowing where I am and in fear to go to sleep…..

By Pati and Chester

The ghostly shadow

The mist was thick obscuring the thing walking through it. It had a human body shape but no one was shore what it was. The skeleton trees that looked dim and horrible, with thick scary branches, swayed in the spooky wind. The ghostly mist is rippled around the trees it seemed to follow the creature keeping just ahead of it. Everytime the thing moved the fence turned into fire and lava then finally ash!

By Euan and Joshua

☠ The Ghostly Shadow ☠

Deep in the woods is a eerie and damp place. The bendy trees swayed in the howling wind; whilst the fog covered what really is beneath the mist of this alarming place was a tall figure of a person that seemed to be a shadow. Oddly, the figure stood still… Not a breath of air could be heard from him. He didn’t even blink. The rickety fence surrounding the stone path.

By Neeve and Jack Clay