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Shadow in the dark!

One horrendous fogged out night, there was a young man who was walking down the small ancient walkway. The bent trees lent over towards the skint man’s head. In the English forest, the strange man’s step looked extremely spooky and his face was so creepy that no one could look at it.¬† Although the foggy distance view was not far away,¬† a man appeared from the misty view with something in his hand something but this something was unknown.

Withing five milliseconds, the walkway’s black fencing fell suddenly with a huge, ugly BANG! Suddenly, the whole forest went all dark, everything disappeared and nobody was ever seen again….

The mythical shadow

After this day I was scared for life…

Regretfully, I was walking back from school alone and I decided to take a little shortcut through the alarming forest. So I set off, as fast as a flash without any concerns at all but when I stepped into the forest and straight away I felt a shiver on my spine. The crooked trees swayed to the wind and bent over the razor-sharp fence. I saw I ghostly shadow watching me ask turned around. I stepped forward a little and it raced towards the fencing. I spun around thinking I was seeing things but no there it was staring into my soul. “Hey!!” I shouted and then started running. I blinked. It was gone. Ever since that haunted day I never walked down that haunted path through the forest ever again…

The Ghostly Shadow

In the deep dark gloomy woods, there was a mysterious shadow that came every sing night at 3am. Nobody knows who or what it is but as the wind growls and howls the trees slowly swayed side to side. The mist was grey, although you could still see the bright stars .Above the clouds, I felt calm but under I felt terrified. Weakly, I put my arm out on one of the old crooked branches and felt the icy cold wind sweep through my fingers.  Angrily the black dark clouds filled the sky as quick as a blink.


By Leyla and wiki😀😄