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The Exciting Day at Eden Camp

7:00 am, Monday 6th November:

The day had finally come. Our class was going to Eden camp. After a long weekends wait the day had come at last. My eyes sprung open and I hopped out of bed. I threw on my school uniform and went downstairs for breakfast. As I gulped down my cereal I thought about all the amazing activities that lay ahead of me. After I finished, I went upstairs to brush my teeth (squeaky clean) and style my hair neatly. In a matter of time I was ready and leaped out of the house and with a spring in my step I set off to school.

The bus arrived at 9:00 and the excitement was building up. Straight after we double checked that we had the first aid kit and spare register we sensibly yet quikly got on to the bus.The engine started and in a flash we were off. We were all talking and about 30 minuets in the journey Euan threw up with a disgusting noise. About 5 minuets later Travis spewed all down the isle and up the seat infront of him. Yuck! Anyway soon after we saw a sign saying “Eden Camp”. Next to that there was a watch tower with a WW2 setting around it. Then we parked the coach, got out, put our stuff into the mess hut and then headed towards our first hut.We went inside and there was lots of intresting newspapers from the time of World War 2. After a few minutes of reading we went outside and took a few pictures then went into an old time puppet show about famous figures in the war.

The best part of the puppet show was either singing “When I’m cleaning windows,” or being sprayed with water. It was very funny and made us laugh allot. When the show was ending we sang “We’ll meet again,” and then Miss Williams made us sing it again because we were not loud enough.

Next we, went to our mess hut and had lunch. And we had sweets and shared really bad jokes. After that we went outside and went into some more huts. There were lots of fun and interesting facts with wax figures that look lifelike and were moving to act out a scene from ww2. In the one that was telling us about ww2 submarines, george pulled a chain and it made a large sound (we took a lot of photos). There was a blitz scene and in my opinion it was the best hut. Hut 11 was where the blitz scene took place. They had re-created a street that had been blown up and had lots of smoke and fire. In the background there was a soldier checking if anyone was home. Can you imagine what it would be like in real life? Coming back to your home after a long day and seeing that it had been blown up and was all burnt down with smoke all around you? I couldn’t. Anyway as you walked through the street it got dalker and dalker until it was pitch black. This was supposed to represent the black out and it worked we couldn’t see anything except black. To prove that it worked I will tell you something. Miss Jackson (the y6 teaching assistant ) turned round and poked me in the eye she didn’t even relise who it was or where she poked.

After the huts we went on a play park/adventure park and we were just running around it was so funny. Jasmine and I were jumping up and down on this bridge that was almost touching the floor and we both jumped at the same time. We thought that we broke it because it was closer to the floor than it was last time but in the end we figured out that we didn’t break it.

A few minutes passed and we were off the park and heading to the bus. We all buckled up safely and a few moments later we were off back to school. Yesss! We made it to school without anyone being sick all over. Umm not quite. We were just about to park when Euan threw up again. The worst part was that we had almost made it.

After an exciting day I just wanted to pull on my onesie and go to sleep. It was such an incredible day that the time flew. I definitely recommend you to go to Eden camp if you are interested in WW2. It was a fun but educational day. After a few hours I went upstairs and turned the lights out…



                                     Melissa and Ruby

Eden Camp Adventure

It was 9am on a warm, windy November day. Everyone was exquisite. It was the start of the week and the day after bonfire night. Coming out of the school reception, we rushed up to the white, colossal bus.

About half way there, we all looked towards the front of the bus. Someone was BEING SICK!!! Quickly, we all looked away, I hid under my coat, making a tiny hole between the seat and my coat.  However at that same moment I heard everyone talking and looking over at another boy, he too had been sick.

Finally, we got there! We all rushed off he bus with excitement, all waiting to get in the place. When we were waiting, we all saw a hairy, black cat, it was horrible. First we put our bags down and then made our way to the first hut.

One of the huts was called the Blitz, it was so cool. We could smell different things, it was nasty. In most of them, we saw lots of pictures in the tunnels, it was amazing. There was a school behind us and they were screaming, we ignored them and tried to be the best we cold be.

Just before lunch, we went into a puppet show and got sprayed with lots and lots of water.

At dinner time, we all took our chairs off the tables and tucked into our dinner (we ate in hut one.) After dinner, we went into another hut, hut 11. It was the Blitz, there were loads of banging noises and it didn’t smell the best either!

Hut 13 was the chemist and in cabinets on the walls were loads of facts on the wall about what they would do in the chemist. On the wall, it also showed you what medicine they used.

Finally, we went to the gift shop. Emily bought a tiny design rock, a small statue green lizard and the blitz smell bottle. Taya bought a yellow small statue lizard and a spiky ball that lit up pink. Half of it was yellow the other half was purple.

When we got back to school, it was about 4pm and we were glad to get off the bus and relax.

Emily and Taya

Eden Camp

Today was one of the best days of year 6, it was the Eden Camp trip!

We each had a partner for the long hour and a half journey. When we got there, we saw a model of The Spitfire, it was incredible. We explored the stinky huts with different topics of the war. Some of our favourites were the hut with the U-boat and the one about evacuees. Also Joshua shook a bottle and it exploded, everyone got soaked!! The puppet show was amazing! The gift shop sold many interesting things such as teddy bears, squishies and sweets. It was fun but we had to leave, we didn’t want to but we had to but at least it was fun while it lasted.

By Maddox, Natalia and Neve

Eden Camp trip!

Dear Diary,

On November the 6th we went on an amazing trip to Eden Camp. The trip was fun but we had to get on the bus at 9 o’clock in the morning! We were on the bus for about 1 and a half hours.It was the funniest trip ever,people were sick,people were singing and people telling funny jokes.One of the people who were sick was Euan then after was the annoying Travis.I was sat across from Travis and he was almost sick on me!After the 1 and a half hours had flew by we were finally there.

As I got up I could feel  the fresh air and a nice breeze as the automatic bus doors opened.We got off of the bus and lined up with our partners and headed to the lunch area to put our heavy frustrating bags down.

Talkatively, we strolled towards our first hut.As we walked to our first hut we saw at least 10 schools.IT WAS MAYHEM! Everybody was waiting to get in the smelly large hut but there were a lot of other schools in the huts so it was cramped.In our first hut we saw very creative artefacts about rationing and how poor people were, all the stuff there was historical and none of it made us think it’s rubbish because it wasn’t.We saw a family that was in a WW2 house it looked traumatising they didn’t have beds or consoles,they either had to sleep on the floor or a ruined sofa.Also there was a house that had holes in the walls caused by the deafening bombs.

We walked to the next hut patiently because of how many schools were there.The next hut was my favourite part ,we walked in and saw WW2 guns and a display of an army ground.It was a realy good part to go in because all of the setup and all the guns was absolutely brilliant.Next up was the blackout!it was pitch black and people were scaring each other.It was the funniest thing by far, me and Jack both scared some people and they were frightened to death.In the blackout I realy hurt my head because I banged it on the wall, also we were followed by a really noisy school.

Finally it was lunch! I was starving I could not wait to eat my delicious sandwiches.It was a tight squeeze but we all managed to fit in,it was so cramped that we didn’t have much room to eat our dinner.

Lastly the gift shop, there was a huge variety of things to choose from.I had a look around and I saw some scents from WW2 I bought two of them,a sweet shop scent and a tea wagon scent. The sweet shop smelt like old toffee and the tea wagon smelt like a year gone off tea because it smelt mank!I also bought two bag of sweets.

We had a safe jurney home thankfully no one was sick, we were all talking about what we got from the gift shop.

By Thomas and Jack

Eden Camp Extravaganza

6:30 AM! The day had finally arrived : The day we had all been waiting for! Eden Camp day! My eyes, sleepy and gloomy, pinged open excitedly, I couldn’t wait to meet my friends at the huge, metal school gate to start our adventure at the Amazing Eden Camp!

The huge, sleek, chrome silver bus, rolled up on the smooth dark tarmac. We mounted the steps one by one and sat down on the red and patterned, smooth, plush chairs (which were like sofas). When we arrived, we stepped down onto the rough, cobbled ground of the incredible museum, Eden Camp.

We saw a huge metal beast of a tank right before our eyes! The Huts were amazing and quite smelly too. We learnt lots about the war and how it started and progressed. Our favourite parts were the puppet show and the gift shop because they were very interesting.

In the puppet show we got sprayed when we didn’t sing loud enough. We had sing “When I’m cleaning windows,” and “we’ll meet again,”. these were some of the songs that people sung during the awful, dreadful and excruciating world war 2.

We all had a very good time at the amazing Eden Camp. When it was time to leave my heart beat faster with disappointment because it was time to go and leave Eden Camp all by itself.

By Sam + Euan

The amazing Eden camp trip

One glorious day I woke up excited and cheerful, I arrived at school where we were finally going to the brilient Eden Camp.We went on the bus for 2 hours. Once we arrived at Eden camp we went to a puppet show.After that we went for lunch in hut 1.Then we went around all the huts, after a while we lost count.Finally we went to the shop where we could spend our money.We all bought different stuff.We went back to the bus and back to school where our parents were waiting to pick us up.

by Oakley,Leland and Archie

Our Weird Yet Amazing Time At Eden Camp

Dear Diary,
On Monday we went to Eden Camp near York. We travelled by bus that was nice and pristine, it took one hour to get there. Also when we got there it was freezing cold.As we were walking we came across a puppet show and watched it. After that we went to the next hut it smelt DISGUSTING!!, but it was educational. After going through a bunch of huts we finally had lunch!The huts were like real times in world war two, and smelt like it too.I really liked it and it is amazing that we have an amazing teacher who brought us on an amazing shcool trip and we had an amazing day.

by Leyla, Wiki and Neeve.