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Home Blogging Challenge (Haunted House)

It stood haunted, creepy and terrifying as the smooth wind gazed across the dark, foggy sky. The moon, colossal and shiny, stood behind the haunted house.  The magnificent house was wrecked. Nobody knew why the lights were on. Who lives there? Broken down house , planks and stairs. Windows old and creekey, just waiting to be opened. Slowly, something was coming out of the chimney, it was smoke. Who could live there? POP! A man was just looking at me through the window. “Oh no!” I cried. “It’s …It’s…a dracular with pearly, white fangs. He..he’s pointing at me!” I screeched. The square shaped house looked like a horror movie in the dark….

The ghostly shadow

A rare herd of crooked old trees had no leaves on the wide branches. At the other end of the dull, filthy meadow was a freaky human looking shadow. Almost unbelievably, the breezy air was at least -11 degrees. Everything was almost invisible because of the blinding, foggy air. If I was there, I would feel terrified by the metal, electric and spiky barbed wired fence. The mystical shadow appeared through the unknown fog.


Shady Shadow

Imagine a place where, the fog is forever in your face, where everywhere looks like death, where nightmares are lurking around the corner, where you’re afraid of your own shadow; this is the story of that place.

The tired trees stood making a wall made around the ancient, wet fence. The never-ending fog looked like smoke, making it hard to see ahead. The wild, vast and wandering woods stood with a mysterious shadow standing still like a statue.

The woods were called Wendy Woods, they were named after a girl called Wendy she (20 years ago) disappeared when she was messing around in the woods and she was never seen again. No one dared to speak about her.

Tree branches leaned over getting closer and closer inwards and at the very last one stood the shadow. Suddenly the shadow started walking closer towards me…


By Taya and Emily

The Mystery person👤

I was scared, frightened, not sure of what to do… Then in the distance I saw a mysterious shadow of a man. All life around me was dead. All I could see is mist so much mist. It was dark, creepy and terrifying. “Uh… Hello? Who’s there?” I said confused and scared. There was no reply. The shadow moved closer, closer and closer. Then suddenly “H.. Hello…Ben,” the shadow, slowly and creepily replied. “What do you want from me?” I stuttered. I couldn’t see the person very clearly. Then I got an answer from it. “I want a life I never had a life before me.”

By Jaimie and Jessica


The ghostly shadow

I was just walking through the fenced in forest when all of a sudden it was hard to see in front of me. I guessed it was fog and started walking back. I could smell burning smoke, I was getting cold. I turned behind me and saw a ghostly figure. Who was it? I ran from it but it just seemed closer and closer. I wanted to look back but I was frightened. I tasted something sweet in the air behind me. I turned around. All I could see was black. The wind picked up and the trees swayed side to side, a piece of light was now visible. I ran towards it closing my eyes. I felt a hit. I opened my eyes and found myself in a prickly thorn bush. I saw the shadow again. It was darker in the eyes. The trees where twisting and turning in every direction. Then I saw more than one. A group of shadows stood before me. I could feel the thorns on my skin. I couldn’t move without bitter pain. I slowly moved but the pain was overwhelming. I stopped trying. It started raining although I couldn’t feel it. The mist cleared and the shadows faded. The bush vanished and I was free! Was I dreaming. Was I imagining it. I don’t even know to this day.