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Bombs away

One misty night, millions of planes were flying over London. Edward popped his head out of the window and looked up at the misty planes. Suddenly, his mum ran into the room. The nauseating bombs crashed to the ground.

“Quickly, get to the shelter!” his mum shouted. “Mum…mum… help!” yelled Lucy. Edward ran back in to the house to grab a photo of his dad. Peter ran after him and took him back to the shelter. The sirens got louder and louder, every second, every minute, every hour. People ran for their lives. When they got in the shelter, Peter started shouting at Edward. “Why can’t you do what you’re told you silly boy?!”

The bombs were fatal. The bombs did horrific damages in London. The bombs destroyed their house.

Blooming Blitz

Fearlessly, a bomber plain explodes tiny helpless citizens “PETER WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET OVER HEAR!” Shouted mum. BANG when a bomb. “Come Susan, what are you doing we have to get out now!” Shouted Lucy “everyone get to the bunker” screamed mum. Cruelly a bomb exploded in the distance.”We forgot dad inside” Peter get back here, i’ll get him PETER come back we could die. “Edward squealed. BOOM as the weak poor Windows shattered everywhere Peter grabbed the picture which was also shattered. They ran back “Peter you are so selfish!” Edward Angrily raged. “Give it up Edward” Peter said as he slammed the cold hard the door.