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The Legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time a small, weak tree blew in the wind on a fantastic Friday night. On the other side of the woods, where the tree stood, a gorgeous girl called Cherry went for a midnight walk even though her parents told her not too. After a hour of wandering she came across a small, weak tree full of cherries, Cherry thought it was a lovely coincidence. She decided to pick some of the cherries.

“Cherry, Cherries you pick beware of the hurtful kick!” Whispered a strange voice. Suddenly, Cherry felt someone, something kick her she started sweating rapidly, not knowing what to do she started to run. However, she couldn’t move it felt like she was stuck the ground.

She felt a cold hand on her shoulder she didn’t want to turn around but she had to. To see what or who it was. So she turned around and found nothing apart from the cherry tree. It had moved. It hissed to her, “Not listening to your parents naughty you, I was going to tear you in two but I’ll be kind you see how I was behind. You now see me in front, people will be sent on hunt. After I capture spirit and you guess what your through!”

Just like that cherry disappeared on the spot, the cherry tree shook as tears rolled from it’s eyes. Just then, they stopped rolling and froze, they turned into branches with leaves.

Snap! Went a twig as a girl called Chloe skipped through the woods. It was Cherry’s little sister, trying to shout Cherry tried and tried to open her mouth and shout. Unfortunately, for her it came out as a mumble. Chloe skipped over to the tree and touched the leaf “Poof!” Popped out Cherry.

“Cherry what are you doing here, what were you doing inside the tree?” Exclaimed Chloe, but before Cherry could answer they disappeared. Know one knew what had happened part from a boy watching in the distance. From that point he never went in any woods ever again.

That is the tale of the Cherry tree!

By Taya

A Gnarled Tree

Slowly, the gnarled branches blew I the wind bending this way and that. Leaves fell off rapidly, covering the gravelly ground. They fell everyday for a year. After a while, the leaves stopped falling and the wind stopped blowing, the sun came down. Immediately, after that the gnarled tree stood still. It never blew again until one very special day.

A girl called Summer was taking pictures of the beautiful gardens, she was in her school’s photography club and wanted to practice her skills in a beautiful place that had a gorgeous view. Summer was a very lonely girl with only a few friends, most people thought she was weird  but her friends thought she was unique. When she went looking for a pretty place to take a photo she came across the only tree that didn’t blow in the wind. “Hello, young girl what can I do for you today?” asked the tree. Most people would have been shocked when the tree spoke, however, Summer wasn’t like most people. Summer walked up to the tree and untangled it’s branches. “There, that’s better,” she whispered to the tree. Suddenly, the trees branches started blowing like never before.

From that day on Summer didn’t care what people said about her because she knew she was special even if no one else did.

By Taya

Pizza making


Pizza dough

Tomato puree

Cheese (grated)







  1. Carefully, place the dough on your tray and shape it into a a circle (you can make it any size depending on how much dough you have.)
  2. Next you use a spoon to spreads your tomato puree so it covers all your dough (a medium size layer would be best.)
  3. Then you sprinkle your grated cheese on top of your tomato puree, make sure you cover the tomato puree so it dosen’t taste weird on it’s own. Then you add toppings (we used cheese, pineapple, ham and peperoni.)
  4. Finally you put your pizza in the oven for about 20 minutes.

That’s 4 easy steps to follow when making a pizza

By Taya & Emily