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The Hodsock Legends

Living in Hodsock woods were children called Matty, Liam and Vince. They all went out to play in the woods.

They walked into an old abandoned house. Then Matty saw the bloody, old and rusty. Liam touched an old legend he went into agony instantly. The other two ran away the old legend chased them round and round till the legend began to stumble and fell to the tough old legend was know longer in harm to the citizens. All of them pulled his mask of and they saw…

The person under neath the mask was Johnny one of there old friends they fourth it was impossible but he didn’t died so who did ? Vince called the police (he is the only one that had a phone) he went to rot in jail for 10 years and they all lived happily ever after.

by Travis

The Legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time lived a tree called Elm. There were a rich family, who lived in a colossal house, explored a forest. They had a little sister called Emma. She went up to this tree and touched it. She felt really dizzy and then…she vanished.

“Hahahaha” shouted Elm. Her Mum and Dad ran around the magnificent forest to find Emma. Sadly, her mum touched the tree and disappeared. The tree stopped shining and her dad saw blood on the tree and he ran. Dad ran back to the tree and recognised that the blood was gone. He heard footsteps. He felt a warm, soggy hand on his woolly coat. He ran with a fright. Dad saw the tree speak to this man in the forest.

“Hey you there” shouted Dad. He saw the tree and disappeared. He saw a note and it said “Help me!”… but the other side was gone.

“Dad” shouted a familiar voice.

“Emma my sweetie is that you”shouted Dad

“Yes dad” screamed Emma. Later, Dad ran to Emma and saw she had a squirrel in her hand.

“Can we keep it?” said Emma. Emma was happy to have a pet. She was scared about mum.

“Where’s Mum” cried Emma.

“I don’t know” said Dad

by Natalia

The legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time there lived an aggressive, manky ancient tree which lived in an enchanted forest. Everyone has heard a different incredible myth but here is the real one.

Pleasant People were killed threatened and absolutely terrified. The unique tree sucked up innocent people. Every time someone was sucked up they were trapped inside the gruesome fat, wide, long belly of the thoughtless tree  unless some magnificent special person came and killed the stupid tree. If the heart broken people aren’t saved in 25 years they unfortunately could not survive.

Luckily there lived a kung fu master called Ted. He lived in the colossal best building of Hodsock. He trained 20 hours a day so he could eventually conquer the spiteful tree. He lived in a stunning exquisite house with 50 rooms and 10 floors.

2 years later,something crazy happened. SLASH! Went the blade into the vile unpleasant tree as it thumped against the mucky floor. Millions of thankful people walked out in shock. “How has someone saved me?” Someone exclaimed thankfully.

As the warrior helped each and every one of the millions of people out everyone was congratulating him as helped every, patient person out of the trees, blood splurging belly.




by Thomas Parker

Pizza Making Fun

The Ingredients are;

1. A pizza base 🍕

2. Tomato sauce 🍅

3. Cheese 🧀

4. Pepperoni 🍕

5. Ham 🍖

6. Pineapple 🍍


First, we put the tomato sauce onto the pizza base.

Next, we put the cheese on.

After that, we put our toppings on. Some people got everything but I only got pepperoni and pineapple.

Fourth, the teachers put the pizza in the oven.

Finally, we ate the yummy food. 🍕🍕🧀🍍🍖🍅

By Neve

How to make a pizza 🍕


  • Pizza base
  • Toppings: tomato paste, cheese, pepperoni, ham and pineapple.


  1. Firstly, you get your pizza base out of the packet.
  2. Then, you carefully spread the tomato paste around the base.
  3. Next, you get your cheese and sprinkle it all around your pizza base (remember to leave a crust if you want to).
  4. After that, you pinch pieces of pepperoni and place them on the cheese covered pizza base.
  5. Then,  you spread pieces of ham and pineapple and then put it in the oven.
  6. After, you leave the pizza in the oven for about 10-11 minutes (if not ready leave in oven and keep on checking on it).
  7. When ready eat it and enjoy (careful because it will be hot).

By Ruby and Millie

The Legend Of Hodsock

Once, long long ago, lived a old tree. This tree was gnarled and ancient. The tree grew in Hodsock in a colossal home and an elegant garden. The tree was called Holly. In the massive mansion lived a kind, rich family and in the family there were 3 children. This is the story of the middle child, Hope. She would play in the forest alone, sometimes she even saw strangers. She liked to go near them but they never talked to her as they didn’t know her. However, one day she wondered near Holly and saw a strange, old man. The man called her over and asked her name. “I’m Hope” she replied ” Who are you?” He was filthy and dark. Slowly, the child walked to Holly as the man commanded. She touched the tree. Suddenly, she heard a horrid, evil laugh. She saw white, then couldn’t move. She couldn’t talk. She was the tree. Legend has it, Hope still rests in Hodsock waiting to be freed from the dark bark and dusty wood she was caged in, but only if someone touches her.

By Neve

The Quest

Once upon a time in Japan a young samurai set out on a mission to deliver an important message to the King. He was riding along a path until he came across an inn so like you would he went inside. In the inn he met an old man, the old man asked where he was going and he said that he was going to deliver a message to the king. The old man told him that he would encounter a dragon, so he set off on the rest of the journey ignoring what the man said little did he know lurking just up the path was the dragon watching him.

It took one hour to get to where the dragon was, he had no clue that the dragon was waiting for him in the bush. As quick as a flash the dragon jumped out of the bush and stood behind him. The samurai heard a twig snap behind him and turned round, stood in front of him was a giant orange and red dragon. He tried to run but did not succeed and the dragon ate him for his tea.

By Jack