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Eden Camp

Today was one of the best days of year 6, it was the Eden Camp trip!

We each had a partner for the long hour and a half journey. When we got there, we saw a model of The Spitfire, it was incredible. We explored the stinky huts with different topics of the war. Some of our favourites were the hut with the U-boat and the one about evacuees. Also Joshua shook a bottle and it exploded, everyone got soaked!! The puppet show was amazing! The gift shop sold many interesting things such as teddy bears, squishies and sweets. It was fun but we had to leave, we didn’t want to but we had to but at least it was fun while it lasted.

By Maddox, Natalia and Neve

Eden Camp trip!

Dear Diary,

On November the 6th we went on an amazing trip to Eden Camp. The trip was fun but we had to get on the bus at 9 o’clock in the morning! We were on the bus for about 1 and a half hours.It was the funniest trip ever,people were sick,people were singing and people telling funny jokes.One of the people who were sick was Euan then after was the annoying Travis.I was sat across from Travis and he was almost sick on me!After the 1 and a half hours had flew by we were finally there.

As I got up I could feel  the fresh air and a nice breeze as the automatic bus doors opened.We got off of the bus and lined up with our partners and headed to the lunch area to put our heavy frustrating bags down.

Talkatively, we strolled towards our first hut.As we walked to our first hut we saw at least 10 schools.IT WAS MAYHEM! Everybody was waiting to get in the smelly large hut but there were a lot of other schools in the huts so it was cramped.In our first hut we saw very creative artefacts about rationing and how poor people were, all the stuff there was historical and none of it made us think it’s rubbish because it wasn’t.We saw a family that was in a WW2 house it looked traumatising they didn’t have beds or consoles,they either had to sleep on the floor or a ruined sofa.Also there was a house that had holes in the walls caused by the deafening bombs.

We walked to the next hut patiently because of how many schools were there.The next hut was my favourite part ,we walked in and saw WW2 guns and a display of an army ground.It was a realy good part to go in because all of the setup and all the guns was absolutely brilliant.Next up was the blackout!it was pitch black and people were scaring each other.It was the funniest thing by far, me and Jack both scared some people and they were frightened to death.In the blackout I realy hurt my head because I banged it on the wall, also we were followed by a really noisy school.

Finally it was lunch! I was starving I could not wait to eat my delicious sandwiches.It was a tight squeeze but we all managed to fit in,it was so cramped that we didn’t have much room to eat our dinner.

Lastly the gift shop, there was a huge variety of things to choose from.I had a look around and I saw some scents from WW2 I bought two of them,a sweet shop scent and a tea wagon scent. The sweet shop smelt like old toffee and the tea wagon smelt like a year gone off tea because it smelt mank!I also bought two bag of sweets.

We had a safe jurney home thankfully no one was sick, we were all talking about what we got from the gift shop.

By Thomas and Jack

Our trip to Eden Camp

On Monday we went to Eden camp we were very excited to see all the amazing things what were included such as weapons.

When we were on the bus it was fun, exciting and amazing we were just a bit too silly it took about 1 hour and 33 minutes  to get there. When we arrived we went to the mess hut 3 to put our bags away. Then, we went to the toilets.

After the mess hut we went to hut one and looked at the horrid rapid objects. First we went to hut 2 what was about news papers what told us about when the blackout was. Then it was the puppet show what is funny.

We had lunch what were yummy! Then we went to more huts what had the u-boat and the blitz and more. Then we went to the gift shop we got some awesome then we eat some sweets what we got then we went on a play park and jumped off a bridge it was fun.

On the way back we ate lots and sweets on the bus.

By Millie, Connor and Dylan

Brutal Blackout

Flying high up in the dark, misty sky, havoc causing bombs were flying around, causing fear in people’s lives. As the nauseating, sick people set off the bombs Jets and planes were dodging the life changing bombs. The sirens wailed out into the night sky. It was a complete black out.

Down in a tiny house a family of five were rushing about trying to gather everybody. “Get away from the window Jacob!” cried his Mum, as she dragged him away from the window. His brother Daniel came and scurried Jacob along out of the room. “Mother! Help! What’s happening?” Eliana screamed in horror from her bed. Sally came hurrying into Eliana’s room. She scooped her up into her arms shouting down to her Mother “Grab the boys’ now!”

They rushed, running for their lives, out of the house into the hut, which they used as a bomb shelter, just as Jacob reached the hut he turned around in a panic and started running back to the house. He headed straight towards the living room. “Jacob what are you doing? it’s not safe come on we need to get out of here!” Daniel belted as loud as he could to be heard over the bombs. Jacob reached for a picture of his dad, he just managed before the deafening explosion. The house started to crumble to pieces, Daniel grabbed Jacob’s hand and pulled him out of the house and to safety. “Jacob why are you so selfish? You could have got us killed! You always think about yourself, for once just do as your told,” Daniel cried.

Ashamed, Jacob looked down at his picture, it was covered in pieces of broken glass. Jacob felt like he had never felt before, he felt guilty like it was all his fault. Shockingly, the blitz was still going on. The family of five were now cold, hungry, petrified and worried about how they will get themselves out of this mess…

There’s only one question. Are they safe enough?

By Taya and Jaimie

Terror Attacks spread through the lands of the world

The deafening planes charge through the London air, dropping missiles on the buildings like there is no tomorrow. The alarms  spread  all over London, it is almost worst than pearl harbor.

In a small home, a frightened boy peers through the curtain and watches the bombs fall to the ground. The horrified boy’s mum grabs Henry and runs to alert the family.

Mum runs up stairs to get her sleeping daughter, all four of them run to the bombing shelter. Henry runs back for a picture of his Dad. Suddenly a bomb drops next to their house, the windows shatter, the picture frames glass smashes.

Henry and his older brother Brian picked up the broken picture and ran as fast as they could back to the bombing shelter, with their family where it is safe. Brian starts shouting at Henry, “Why did you risk your life for a picture, just why?” “Stop shouting both of you!” Mum shouted angrily.

by Archie and Chester


The Bombing World War ll

Frightening, terrified and horrid, the dark black jets fly through the sky over all the bombing and explosions. Meanwhile, Tommy was watching the furious explosions. His older brother Max shouted to him “Tommy come down hear now!” Tommy rushed down and grabbed his precious things.

Mum told Tommy and Max to quickly go and get their younger sisters Ariana and Esme. “AAaaaaaaaaa!!!” Esme screamed as everyone ran upstairs including Ariana. They grabbed the girls and ran outside as quick as they can into the shelter. Tommy ran back inside with no explanation.Awfully he went to get his dads picture and a big bad explosion happened.Max went after him and grabbed his arm and ran back to the shelter.” What were you thinking?”shouted Max. “Get in ,quick.” Mum whispered. The two boys jumped in and mum shut the door and they couldn’t come out until the bombing ended.


Frightful WW2

Loudly the sirens cried through the dark, deep sky as they went off and frightened many people. The planes, with rage, zoomed through the black, foggy and dark sky. Confidently, the pilots defended their country with their propellers and guns. The family woke up. Mum was shouting with fear “wakeup”. Edward was staring through the old, dusty and rusty window whilst the rest of the family ran quickly to the air raid shelter. Peter realised Edward wasn’t there. As quick as a flash Peter ran to get Edward. He ran and shouted ” Edward where are you!” BOOM as the ground shook; the family was in a panic. Meanwile mum was checking all the beds so none of the kids was still in the house.10 minutes later all of them were in the shelter and it was going to be a very scary night. The WW2 was a horrible day.


By Leyla and Wiki


Planes, loud horrific and full of bombs soaring through the blacked out sky. The air raid sirens sounded loud and clear through the foggy sky. Bombs dropped from the planes and made the ground a pattern of explosions. Families fled to the bomb shelters just as the bombs crashed into the families homes. The huge bombs made the streets erupt into showers of concrete and dirt. Terrified, a little boy watched as London was turned into a huge bonfire of smoke and smog. Suddenly his mother grabbed his shoulder and said “Peter comes to the bomb shelter and Edward get Lucy and Susan!” The family ran to the bomb shelter but suddenly Peter said “Dad!” And turned around. Edward ran to get him and reached him just as Peter grabbed the first photo of their dad. Edward grabbed Peter just as a bomb exploded outside. The window shattered inwards with the force of the blast they dived to the ground and crawled out of the house. When they got out they started running into the shelter.


The Biltz of World War 2

The lights beamed across the gray smoky sky. Planes flew across the deadly smoky sky. Slowly the fatal bombs started to blow across the sky and people started scream and run to the bomb shelters. The  air sirens wailed as deadly, ferocious  bombs dropped from the sky. a small boy called peter stared at the bombs dropping down on the houses. Peter’s mum came running into the living room to grab him and take him to the bomb shelter. She ran upstairs, exhausted, and collected Lucy then ran out to the bomb shelter. “Wait, dad!” screamed Peter then peter ran inside to the living room to grab the picture of his father.