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An open door…

Carefully, Rachel lifted her left foot up and placed it on the step, she looked back at her friends trying to form some sort of fake smile on her face so they couldn’t see how much fear she felt inside. Rachel wasn’t one for doing dangerous and daring stuff like this, only one person in the whole world knew how she felt right now and that was her best friend Ellie, who was her sister, not by blood but everything else made them sister’s, Ellie gave her a brief smile trying to reassure her that she’d be okay.

Rachel bit her lip: she pinched herself hoping that she might, just might wake up from this nightmare, unfortunately she found herself still stood there.

“Oi, you gonna go in or what? I haven’t got time for your pathetic little games or life in fact!” Paige shouted. Paige, Rachel hated every ounce her (Paige felt the same.) “Well if your that bored go home and play scrabble with your nan you don’t need too be here!” interrupted Ellie.

“WAS I TALKING TOO YOU? I THINK YOU’LL FIND I WASN’T SO SHUT UP ELLIE!” Paige yelled at the top of her lungs.

“I’ve awoken the beast, stand back everyone!” Ellie muttered, while laughing quietly.

Rachel spun her head round, “Paige since you want me to find out what’s in there why don’t you join me?” she knew that Paige would not chicken out in front of her friends and Rachel (her mortal enemy.)

Holding her head high, her £500, hot pink 10 inch, the best money could buy high heeled boots clunking and twirling her hair acting all sweet and innocent like, she sashayed over too Rachel.

“Come on, you coming or what. Aw do you want me to hold your hand and pretend I’m your mummy? Mind you I won’t have a child anywhere near as ugly as you!” she whispered, “Come on then,” she gestured for Rachel to move to the door first. Taking a small and tiny, an unsure and uncertain step forward. Then another and another till soon she found herself a few centimetres away from the soggy, soaking wet door.

Gloomy, weak lights flickered in front of them. In the distance their friends looked at them with faces full of worry. Terrified, spooked and worried Rachel reached out in front of her where the haunted, horrible and hideous door stood. Round, rusty and ancient the wobbly, unstable door handle squeaked as Rachel, who was shivering, nervously pushed it down trying to open the door (not that she wanted too.)

Creaking, the dusty damp door fell open. Strutting into the doorway, showing off her designer clothes Paige whipped her head around and narrowed her eyes so the were exactly inline with Rachel’s. “You coming or do I need too drag you in by your hair!” she snapped.

“Coming bestie,” she replied back sarcastically, while doing an eye roll. With them both peering round the corner they suddenly fell in. Bang! The dirty door slammed shut…

“Umm… What should we?” asked Paige

“Well since we’re in here already, I guess we should take a look around,” replied Rachel.

Rachel’s ripped, black jeans with the high waist got stuck on a old cupboard. Not knowing what to do she hissed over too Paige and asked her to help her. After finally being unhooked from the cupboard Rachel looked down at the floorboards beneath her that were squeaking. Meanwhile, Paige had found an interest in a open door, she wondered what might be inside. Curiously, she wandered towards the door and soon found herself looking at something that words couldn’t describe.

“Paige where’ve you gone?” called a voice from the next room. Paige was looking under a cupboard when Rachel fell back at what her eyes were witnessing, what she was witnessing. Are you wondering what was in the room? Let me tell you, this room was not like any other room in this house. This one was actually pretty, beautiful even, it was filled with kids books about animals, royal people and other types of fairy tales. Swoosh! “Oww, my head hurts. Wait Paige where are you?” moaned Rachel.

“Down here!” a voice called from the floor. A tiny little person stood looking in a mirror, checking herself out. She looked like a toy that you’d get from McDonald’s.

Rachel had an idea  so as quick as she could she scooped Paige up into her arms and rushed up the stairs running up the ladder for the attic, inside the attic it was bare, apart from what looked like a book, the book was in the corner. Rachel picked it up. As soon as she picked it up they both fell to the floor just like before, except Paige was back to her normal side and all their friends were inside.

Before they could ask what they were doing inside they all screamed. “Aaahhh!”

They didn’t know what they were looking at but it was staring them right in the eye…

By Taya