The legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time there lived a tree named Betty birch. Then , in 2017 , November 23rd , Betty got passed by a lady the same age as beautiful Betty. So , she asked ‘ Who are you ? ‘ the lady , which thought she knew this creature , has a massive mansion. Then, Betty didn’t respond , so the lady ran out of the forest to the lake to go fish. After that, Betty wished that she wasn’t a heartbroken, miserable and sad tree and wished upon a star to be human again. An hour later, the lady, who’s name is Susan , felt depressed for not helping Betty, so she screamed as loud as she could and pointed out ‘ I’m coming to help you, and make your wishes come true!’. A second after, Betty agreed and e felt as ecstatic as a monkey. A couple years later, Betty’s wish came true, she became a human and promised never ever to leave Susan at all.

By Connor

The legend of hodsock

Once upon a time there was an oak tree, if you dare to touch it or chop it down it  will shower poison and tasers. It was near a mansion no one dared to go near it as you will probably die. If you are one of their friends  you are okay. I dared to go in once and the poison dropped on me then the tasers shocked me like lightning going wandering through me to my brain. Then I dropped on the floor like a brick from an air plane. Then 10 hours later I woke up in an anxious prickly oak tree then I felt strange, I was panicking, I  was saying “why am i am in a tree?” then i came down.  I was asking my self “why did ever go near the mansion?” . A century later I was still there in a tree.


by oakley



Hodsock legend

Once there was a little boy who was in the woods his name was Steve . But he had no friends so he ran away . Suddenly, he saw a giant oak tree that stood like a protector of the forest . He prodded the tree and got sucked in to the tree . He was afraid . Eventually a wood chopper came and hit the tree suddenly the boy shot out of the ground and the wood cuter was sucked in . Quickly, he ran and ran until he got there, surprisingly his family was not in the house . They had gone far away trying to find him . He set out to find them first he searched the woods and found an old, ugly and wretched tree that he was trapped in for the last year, yet the boy did not know . Then a stunning young man came round the corner and told every thing he lived happily ever after.

The end .

The deadly snake!

Once upon a time there was a super speed boat which gently crawled its way through the calm and gentle deep water. It was a colourful, adorable and beautiful speed boat which stumbled from one side of the creepy water to the other side and floated carefully along the surface of the smooth water. It went down for some reason and nearly got drowned in water as it splashed up into the colourful boat which the man was on. He was comfortably lying down on the deck of the boat and just lazily but easily eased his way in between all the minute and midget gaps. Then all the the bright blue sky stood in the air and let the driver, whose name was Bob Alfie Joe Fox, relax in his cool bath.

Then he just sat down when a big fat splash whooshed up on him and he got soaked in water. It splashed up on us and it was a snake which came out and it looked deadly and vicious but the worst thing was that it was poisonous. Even though all the other stuff about it was scary he was also prickly, mind blowing and horrendous. It was slithering on the water in the boat trying to get the man but it couldn’t get him.

Then the snake caught the man and bit his brilliant face swallowing it. Then everybody jumped up and sprinted away from the now deadliest boat in the world. Then the snake started slithering up and got out of the boat. Then it got on the pavement and chased and chased and chased the people until it caught them. It then sprung into action and jumped but fell back to the floor/ground.

The snake then hurt itself so badly it nearly killed itself. Then they went towards it and were about to kill it but just waited to see if it died itself. Then they shot a bullet at the snake and it killed it and they chopped the snake up and got the man’s head out of the creepy shaped snakes body and then put it back in place.

The Lake

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Coral. She lived in a large, happy home but would usually be found near the shimmering lake in her great, beautiful garden. If you want to see her, she has red hair and bright green eyes.

Coral always enjoyed playing by the lake, but about once a day she would lean over and touch the soft, cold lake. Occasionally, the child would take her pretty purple shoes off and dip her feet in the icy water. Sometimes she would see different fish, sometimes goldfish, sometimes codfish.

One day, she didn’t just want her fish in it but wanted to go in herself. So the next day she put her old, blue dress on and got in the lake; she loved it. Then, as she was swimming around, she saw an eel, but not any old eel an electric eel!

Coral swam away as fast as her arms and legs could carry her. Then she saw the eel go after a group of fish. Coral wasn’t just going to sit around, she was going to help the poor, helpless fish. She dived in and went to the eel, grabbed a bucket and threw it on the electric eel’s head. She helped the fish back to their home in the lake. The water almost seemed to help her to the surface.

Coral fed the young fish and helped them grow. She played at the lake side everyday and the lake seemed to obey her. They all lived happily ever after.

By Neve

Story Opening – A Mystery in the Forest…

Once upon a time there was a lovely 12 year old girl called Robin strolling in the woods. Suddenly, a bright multicoloured glow came from behind a bush. Frightened and cautious, Robin slowly tiptoed around the bush and saw a beautiful young boy who was only 13 years old and his name was Brandon. Feeling brave Robin, who thought she was going to faint, finally went up to Brandon and spoke to him. “Hi I’m Robin what’s your name?” She asked him

“Oh, hi I’m Brandon…nice to meet you,” he replied smiling charmingly.

“Nice to meet you too, Brandon. So, how come you’re all alone in the forest?” She asked looking a little confused.

“Oh umm just going for a little stroll in the forest,” he replied pointing into the forest. “Do you want to join me?” he asked hopefully.                                                                   “Sure, why not?” She replied and off they went into the forest.

Magic Frog

Once there was a young boy and his name was Timmy. Timmy, who lived near a pond , wanted to to see the pond up close. When he went to the pond, he saw lots of fish and frogs there.

Slowly, he peered over the edge of the pond, but suddenly he tripped over a small pebble and nearly fell in. When he turned around, he saw a man and the man pushed him into the pond.

He quickly sank to the bottom and saw lots of flashing lights, so he swam to them. However, when he was nearly half way there, he desperately needed air. He just could not hold his breath, so sank to the bottom of the deep pond and landed in an undiscovered underwater city. They were lots of magical frogs having a party.

Timmy danced and danced until he could no longer. He liked it there so decided to stay.