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Music Day🎹🎧🎵🎶

On Thursday 5th of October we had a music day.First,we did music with Mr Oakton.We did samba drumming.There were shakers,drums and other stuff.We had lots of fun.

Next,we did body percussion it was hard but it was really exciting. We laughed so hard my face went red.We made music with our body.One was called The Milissa,The Neve and The Sam.I wish we can do it again.

Next,we sung with Mr Machin and Miss Smith we sung ‘Little Do You Know’,’Despacito’,’Power’,’Human’ and my favourite ‘Hey Jude’.

Last, we did Lyric writing.We had to make our own advert to a popular song.Mine and Neve’s was something just like this.Ours was about coke.It was amazing.



Music Day 🎵

On Thursday we had a music Day, we did many fun activities like…

First, we did some samba music with Mr Oakton I was using a maraca. The music was extremely loud as well as enjoyable. We did some fills like stopping for four beats. Overall I really enjoyed it and would love to try it again sometime.

Next, we did body percussion, this was very exciting since at the start we all clapping not knowing why. We learnt how to make music with our entire body. Some children even got to make there own piece of body percussion based on something he showed us.

After that, we did some singing with Mr Machin and Miss Smith. Some songs we sang were Little do you know, Power, Human and Symphony. I enjoyed singing alot but it wasn’t my favourite thing about music Day.,

We did some work on the iPads on an app called Garage Band, it’s an app where you can make a piece of music. We did this in partners, mine was Natalia, we made a nice and relaxing song together. This was my favourite activity of music Day.

Finally, we did song writing for an advert,  We chose a real song and changed the lyrics to make it advertise something, me and Natalia advertised coke and our bass song was something just like this.

That concludes Music Day I hope you have enjoyed hearing about the fun we had.

By Neve Brunt


Our First Class Assembly

On Monday the 2nd of October our class did our first assembly of the year. The assembly was about our topic for this year which is World War 2. Everyone had a line to say and we each had a job to do. There was dancing to music, reading out blog posts and we even made an air-raid happen. It was so fun, and I’m going to tell you about it right now.

The first thing we did in our amazing assembly was welcome everyone and tell them what the assembly was about and that our topic is World War 2. We we’re split up into groups and my group had to go first,all I did was say my line and show a picture I drew. Jasmine and Neeve did that with me.

Suddenly, the air-raid happened. The lights went off and Sam was yelling commands to people, there were torch’s shining everywhere and me and my friends where running around in horror.As soon as the air-raid had ended we all calmed down and it was time for the boys (and Natalia and Melissa) to do their dance. It was called The Lambeth Walk.

When they had finished The Lambeth Walk it was time for the girls to do the last dance of the assembly, it was called The Jitterbug.It was so much fun.

When we had done that, it was the end of the assembly and the whole school clapped and I could tell that they loved it.

By Jaimie

Music Day

On Thursday the 5th of October the whole school took part in a music day. KS1 and KS2 had different activities.

In year 6 we first did percussion with different instruments to make it sound nice with Mr.Oakton. There was a big drum called a Sudu which was the main part to keep everything else in time. There is even another which is called the counter sudu to help the sudu keep everyone in time. Two peple were on a Sudu each and two people were on a counter Sudu each.

Next we did some body percussion with a man who came in to teach us. He got us to say what part of our bodies make sounds. People said clicking, clapping, heel drop, stamping, hitting your chest and lots more. We learnt a really hard dance to make noises.

Then we did some singing with Miss Smith and Mr . Machin. We did Little Do You Know, Human, Uptown Funk, Power and many more. My favourite song to sing was Power because I love Little Mix.

After lunch we went on garage band with Mr. Bellingham. In garage band I worked with Jack and we made great music.

Last but not least we went to Miss Miller’s class and used songs and a subject to write words for it. For that I worked with Jack, Taya and Jasmine. We did ours about Dominoes Pizza and the song was Shut Up And Dance.

My favourite part was the garage band because I really like making songs and I love the song we made.

By Eden


Class Assembly-Conkers

On Monday 9th October 2017 we had our class assembly, our song was called Conkers.

For the past couple of days we had been practising dancing and singing our song. I quite enjoyed practising the dance and it was quite fun. The signing was good but not as fun as the dancing. Miss Williams and Miss Jackson gave us lines to learn, there was only 3 of them. Both teachers said that if you do not sing you would have to do a solo so everybody sang.

The costumes were funny, there was only 2 people who had to wear the costumes, one of them was a conker and the other was a chestnut tree – Emily had the funniest costume and Jasmine had the chestnut tree. Everyone else had just their normal school uniform on. Everyone enjoyed the performance.

We performed in front of the rest of Key Stage 2 and their parents alongside the other classes, both Class 5 and both Class 4 did their acts as well.

Harvest Festival

On Monday the 8th October, Norbridge had a Harvest Festival Assembly where all the classes did a song and dance in front of their key stage and parents. Our class (Bluejay) did it to Conkers . We had a few days to make a dance to the song and for it to be performance read. The song and dance was really fun to learn. On the performance day, we were all in school uniform except Emily and Jasmine. Emily was the role of the conker that we see and want to collect. She was dressed in a massive, bulgy strawberry with brown material over it to look like a conker . Jasmine was the chestnut tree that Emily was supposedly grown on. At the start of the dance, Emily and Jasmine are at the back but then the rest of the class separate and they walked down the space that we make. I felt like I wanted to burst out with laughter when Emily came down but I tried my best to carry on dancing.

Music Day 🎤🎶🎼🎵🎸🎺🎷🎹🎻

On Thursday 5th October 2017 we had a music day. All the KS2 classes took part in doing all music related activities. 

The first activity my class did was with Mr. Oakton, we used different instruments and played different beats using fills. My favourite part was doing the first fill.

Then we went into the hall and did body percussion, using our feet, hands, fingers, thighs and hips. It was lots of fun my favourite was tapping really gently on the floor with our finger’s.

Then we went to Miss Boot’s class and made songs on Garage Band with Mr. Bellingham. I was partners with Jasmine and our song sounded like something of a video game. My favourite part was making lyrics for the song.

Our final lesson was with Miss Miller and we were in groups of three and four. I was in a group with Jack, Eden and Jasmine and we used the song shut up and dance to make a advert song for Domino’s. My favourite part was singing the end of our song.

Altogether the favourite part of the music day was when we were with Miss Miller making song lyrics.


By Taya

Music day

A couple of weeks ago the whole school took part in a music day.

For the first task my class did samba drumming with Mr Oakton. It was lots of fun but the drumming hurt our ears.

Next we did body percussion, which is where instead of using percussion instruments you use your body.  An example of this is clapping your hands and stamping your feet on after the other. So it was clap, clap, stomp, stomp 👏🏻👏🏻👣👣. It’s better to wear shoes because it makes a louder noise.

Then it was singing with Mr Machin and Miss Smith.  My favourite song was Despersito because the rest were girlie songs.

After lunch we did Garageband songs on the iPad with a partner. I enjoyed doing this and all of my classes songs sounded very good. My class had done this in Year 4 so we knew how to do this already.

For the final part of our music day we looked at how to do advertising with well known songs. I found this ok but it wasn’t my favourite part of the day as it involved singing and I don’t like singing.

My favourite part of the day was doing GarageBand with Mr Bellingham because we could make up any songs we wanted using any instruments we wanted.

by Archie Slater

Rationing Quiz

During WW2 lots of foods were rationed in the UK. The rationing quiz taught us about the different types of foods that were in short supply and why. Shockingly, some foods weren’t even delivered to the UK due to German submarines bombing our boats.

Rationing Quiz on PhotoPeach