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The Hodsock Legends

Living in Hodsock woods were children called Matty, Liam and Vince. They all went out to play in the woods.

They walked into an old abandoned house. Then Matty saw the bloody, old and rusty. Liam touched an old legend he went into agony instantly. The other two ran away the old legend chased them round and round till the legend began to stumble and fell to the tough old legend was know longer in harm to the citizens. All of them pulled his mask of and they saw…

The person under neath the mask was Johnny one of there old friends they fourth it was impossible but he didn’t died so who did ? Vince called the police (he is the only one that had a phone) he went to rot in jail for 10 years and they all lived happily ever after.

by Travis




.Tomato puree





1.Firstly we put our tomato puree on the pizza dough.

2. Secondly we put our toppings on top.

3.Next we put it in the oven.

4.We put it in the oven for 20 minutes.


Shadow in the dark!

One horrendous fogged out night, there was a young man who was walking down the small ancient walkway. The bent trees lent over towards the skint man’s head. In the English forest, the strange man’s step looked extremely spooky and his face was so creepy that no one could look at it.  Although the foggy distance view was not far away,  a man appeared from the misty view with something in his hand something but this something was unknown.

Withing five milliseconds, the walkway’s black fencing fell suddenly with a huge, ugly BANG! Suddenly, the whole forest went all dark, everything disappeared and nobody was ever seen again….