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The Legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time a small, weak tree blew in the wind on a fantastic Friday night. On the other side of the woods, where the tree stood, a gorgeous girl called Cherry went for a midnight walk even though her parents told her not too. After a hour of wandering she came across a small, weak tree full of cherries, Cherry thought it was a lovely coincidence. She decided to pick some of the cherries.

“Cherry, Cherries you pick beware of the hurtful kick!” Whispered a strange voice. Suddenly, Cherry felt someone, something kick her she started sweating rapidly, not knowing what to do she started to run. However, she couldn’t move it felt like she was stuck the ground.

She felt a cold hand on her shoulder she didn’t want to turn around but she had to. To see what or who it was. So she turned around and found nothing apart from the cherry tree. It had moved. It hissed to her, “Not listening to your parents naughty you, I was going to tear you in two but I’ll be kind you see how I was behind. You now see me in front, people will be sent on hunt. After I capture spirit and you guess what your through!”

Just like that cherry disappeared on the spot, the cherry tree shook as tears rolled from it’s eyes. Just then, they stopped rolling and froze, they turned into branches with leaves.

Snap! Went a twig as a girl called Chloe skipped through the woods. It was Cherry’s little sister, trying to shout Cherry tried and tried to open her mouth and shout. Unfortunately, for her it came out as a mumble. Chloe skipped over to the tree and touched the leaf “Poof!” Popped out Cherry.

“Cherry what are you doing here, what were you doing inside the tree?” Exclaimed Chloe, but before Cherry could answer they disappeared. Know one knew what had happened part from a boy watching in the distance. From that point he never went in any woods ever again.

That is the tale of the Cherry tree!

By Taya

An open door…

Carefully, Rachel lifted her left foot up and placed it on the step, she looked back at her friends trying to form some sort of fake smile on her face so they couldn’t see how much fear she felt inside. Rachel wasn’t one for doing dangerous and daring stuff like this, only one person in the whole world knew how she felt right now and that was her best friend Ellie, who was her sister, not by blood but everything else made them sister’s, Ellie gave her a brief smile trying to reassure her that she’d be okay.

Rachel bit her lip: she pinched herself hoping that she might, just might wake up from this nightmare, unfortunately she found herself still stood there.

“Oi, you gonna go in or what? I haven’t got time for your pathetic little games or life in fact!” Paige shouted. Paige, Rachel hated every ounce her (Paige felt the same.) “Well if your that bored go home and play scrabble with your nan you don’t need too be here!” interrupted Ellie.

“WAS I TALKING TOO YOU? I THINK YOU’LL FIND I WASN’T SO SHUT UP ELLIE!” Paige yelled at the top of her lungs.

“I’ve awoken the beast, stand back everyone!” Ellie muttered, while laughing quietly.

Rachel spun her head round, “Paige since you want me to find out what’s in there why don’t you join me?” she knew that Paige would not chicken out in front of her friends and Rachel (her mortal enemy.)

Holding her head high, her £500, hot pink 10 inch, the best money could buy high heeled boots clunking and twirling her hair acting all sweet and innocent like, she sashayed over too Rachel.

“Come on, you coming or what. Aw do you want me to hold your hand and pretend I’m your mummy? Mind you I won’t have a child anywhere near as ugly as you!” she whispered, “Come on then,” she gestured for Rachel to move to the door first. Taking a small and tiny, an unsure and uncertain step forward. Then another and another till soon she found herself a few centimetres away from the soggy, soaking wet door.

Gloomy, weak lights flickered in front of them. In the distance their friends looked at them with faces full of worry. Terrified, spooked and worried Rachel reached out in front of her where the haunted, horrible and hideous door stood. Round, rusty and ancient the wobbly, unstable door handle squeaked as Rachel, who was shivering, nervously pushed it down trying to open the door (not that she wanted too.)

Creaking, the dusty damp door fell open. Strutting into the doorway, showing off her designer clothes Paige whipped her head around and narrowed her eyes so the were exactly inline with Rachel’s. “You coming or do I need too drag you in by your hair!” she snapped.

“Coming bestie,” she replied back sarcastically, while doing an eye roll. With them both peering round the corner they suddenly fell in. Bang! The dirty door slammed shut…

“Umm… What should we?” asked Paige

“Well since we’re in here already, I guess we should take a look around,” replied Rachel.

Rachel’s ripped, black jeans with the high waist got stuck on a old cupboard. Not knowing what to do she hissed over too Paige and asked her to help her. After finally being unhooked from the cupboard Rachel looked down at the floorboards beneath her that were squeaking. Meanwhile, Paige had found an interest in a open door, she wondered what might be inside. Curiously, she wandered towards the door and soon found herself looking at something that words couldn’t describe.

“Paige where’ve you gone?” called a voice from the next room. Paige was looking under a cupboard when Rachel fell back at what her eyes were witnessing, what she was witnessing. Are you wondering what was in the room? Let me tell you, this room was not like any other room in this house. This one was actually pretty, beautiful even, it was filled with kids books about animals, royal people and other types of fairy tales. Swoosh! “Oww, my head hurts. Wait Paige where are you?” moaned Rachel.

“Down here!” a voice called from the floor. A tiny little person stood looking in a mirror, checking herself out. She looked like a toy that you’d get from McDonald’s.

Rachel had an idea  so as quick as she could she scooped Paige up into her arms and rushed up the stairs running up the ladder for the attic, inside the attic it was bare, apart from what looked like a book, the book was in the corner. Rachel picked it up. As soon as she picked it up they both fell to the floor just like before, except Paige was back to her normal side and all their friends were inside.

Before they could ask what they were doing inside they all screamed. “Aaahhh!”

They didn’t know what they were looking at but it was staring them right in the eye…

By Taya

A Gnarled Tree

Slowly, the gnarled branches blew I the wind bending this way and that. Leaves fell off rapidly, covering the gravelly ground. They fell everyday for a year. After a while, the leaves stopped falling and the wind stopped blowing, the sun came down. Immediately, after that the gnarled tree stood still. It never blew again until one very special day.

A girl called Summer was taking pictures of the beautiful gardens, she was in her school’s photography club and wanted to practice her skills in a beautiful place that had a gorgeous view. Summer was a very lonely girl with only a few friends, most people thought she was weird  but her friends thought she was unique. When she went looking for a pretty place to take a photo she came across the only tree that didn’t blow in the wind. “Hello, young girl what can I do for you today?” asked the tree. Most people would have been shocked when the tree spoke, however, Summer wasn’t like most people. Summer walked up to the tree and untangled it’s branches. “There, that’s better,” she whispered to the tree. Suddenly, the trees branches started blowing like never before.

From that day on Summer didn’t care what people said about her because she knew she was special even if no one else did.

By Taya

Pizza making


Pizza dough

Tomato puree

Cheese (grated)







  1. Carefully, place the dough on your tray and shape it into a a circle (you can make it any size depending on how much dough you have.)
  2. Next you use a spoon to spreads your tomato puree so it covers all your dough (a medium size layer would be best.)
  3. Then you sprinkle your grated cheese on top of your tomato puree, make sure you cover the tomato puree so it dosen’t taste weird on it’s own. Then you add toppings (we used cheese, pineapple, ham and peperoni.)
  4. Finally you put your pizza in the oven for about 20 minutes.

That’s 4 easy steps to follow when making a pizza

By Taya & Emily




Eden Camp Adventure

It was 9am on a warm, windy November day. Everyone was exquisite. It was the start of the week and the day after bonfire night. Coming out of the school reception, we rushed up to the white, colossal bus.

About half way there, we all looked towards the front of the bus. Someone was BEING SICK!!! Quickly, we all looked away, I hid under my coat, making a tiny hole between the seat and my coat.  However at that same moment I heard everyone talking and looking over at another boy, he too had been sick.

Finally, we got there! We all rushed off he bus with excitement, all waiting to get in the place. When we were waiting, we all saw a hairy, black cat, it was horrible. First we put our bags down and then made our way to the first hut.

One of the huts was called the Blitz, it was so cool. We could smell different things, it was nasty. In most of them, we saw lots of pictures in the tunnels, it was amazing. There was a school behind us and they were screaming, we ignored them and tried to be the best we cold be.

Just before lunch, we went into a puppet show and got sprayed with lots and lots of water.

At dinner time, we all took our chairs off the tables and tucked into our dinner (we ate in hut one.) After dinner, we went into another hut, hut 11. It was the Blitz, there were loads of banging noises and it didn’t smell the best either!

Hut 13 was the chemist and in cabinets on the walls were loads of facts on the wall about what they would do in the chemist. On the wall, it also showed you what medicine they used.

Finally, we went to the gift shop. Emily bought a tiny design rock, a small statue green lizard and the blitz smell bottle. Taya bought a yellow small statue lizard and a spiky ball that lit up pink. Half of it was yellow the other half was purple.

When we got back to school, it was about 4pm and we were glad to get off the bus and relax.

Emily and Taya

Brutal Blackout

Flying high up in the dark, misty sky, havoc causing bombs were flying around, causing fear in people’s lives. As the nauseating, sick people set off the bombs Jets and planes were dodging the life changing bombs. The sirens wailed out into the night sky. It was a complete black out.

Down in a tiny house a family of five were rushing about trying to gather everybody. “Get away from the window Jacob!” cried his Mum, as she dragged him away from the window. His brother Daniel came and scurried Jacob along out of the room. “Mother! Help! What’s happening?” Eliana screamed in horror from her bed. Sally came hurrying into Eliana’s room. She scooped her up into her arms shouting down to her Mother “Grab the boys’ now!”

They rushed, running for their lives, out of the house into the hut, which they used as a bomb shelter, just as Jacob reached the hut he turned around in a panic and started running back to the house. He headed straight towards the living room. “Jacob what are you doing? it’s not safe come on we need to get out of here!” Daniel belted as loud as he could to be heard over the bombs. Jacob reached for a picture of his dad, he just managed before the deafening explosion. The house started to crumble to pieces, Daniel grabbed Jacob’s hand and pulled him out of the house and to safety. “Jacob why are you so selfish? You could have got us killed! You always think about yourself, for once just do as your told,” Daniel cried.

Ashamed, Jacob looked down at his picture, it was covered in pieces of broken glass. Jacob felt like he had never felt before, he felt guilty like it was all his fault. Shockingly, the blitz was still going on. The family of five were now cold, hungry, petrified and worried about how they will get themselves out of this mess…

There’s only one question. Are they safe enough?

By Taya and Jaimie

Shady Shadow

Imagine a place where, the fog is forever in your face, where everywhere looks like death, where nightmares are lurking around the corner, where you’re afraid of your own shadow; this is the story of that place.

The tired trees stood making a wall made around the ancient, wet fence. The never-ending fog looked like smoke, making it hard to see ahead. The wild, vast and wandering woods stood with a mysterious shadow standing still like a statue.

The woods were called Wendy Woods, they were named after a girl called Wendy she (20 years ago) disappeared when she was messing around in the woods and she was never seen again. No one dared to speak about her.

Tree branches leaned over getting closer and closer inwards and at the very last one stood the shadow. Suddenly the shadow started walking closer towards me…


By Taya and Emily

Music Day 🎤🎶🎼🎵🎸🎺🎷🎹🎻

On Thursday 5th October 2017 we had a music day. All the KS2 classes took part in doing all music related activities. 

The first activity my class did was with Mr. Oakton, we used different instruments and played different beats using fills. My favourite part was doing the first fill.

Then we went into the hall and did body percussion, using our feet, hands, fingers, thighs and hips. It was lots of fun my favourite was tapping really gently on the floor with our finger’s.

Then we went to Miss Boot’s class and made songs on Garage Band with Mr. Bellingham. I was partners with Jasmine and our song sounded like something of a video game. My favourite part was making lyrics for the song.

Our final lesson was with Miss Miller and we were in groups of three and four. I was in a group with Jack, Eden and Jasmine and we used the song shut up and dance to make a advert song for Domino’s. My favourite part was singing the end of our song.

Altogether the favourite part of the music day was when we were with Miss Miller making song lyrics.


By Taya