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My Christmas Wish

My Christmas wish is for everyone to be merry and have a great day. Also for everyone everywhere to feel good all the time on Christmas and be with their close family and friends and to have an amazing time and for everyone to get the present that they really, desperately wanted.

How to make a pizza 🍕


  • Pizza base
  • Toppings: tomato paste, cheese, pepperoni, ham and pineapple.


  1. Firstly, you get your pizza base out of the packet.
  2. Then, you carefully spread the tomato paste around the base.
  3. Next, you get your cheese and sprinkle it all around your pizza base (remember to leave a crust if you want to).
  4. After that, you pinch pieces of pepperoni and place them on the cheese covered pizza base.
  5. Then,  you spread pieces of ham and pineapple and then put it in the oven.
  6. After, you leave the pizza in the oven for about 10-11 minutes (if not ready leave in oven and keep on checking on it).
  7. When ready eat it and enjoy (careful because it will be hot).

By Ruby and Millie

Merciless, relentless and frightening, the bombers flew across the dark, smoky sky, as the horrified citizens run for their lives. As the violent , inhumane soldiers drop their highly sensitive bombs on the streets of London, a young boy, who is in a grey jumper and pale shorts, is standing and staring out of the crooked window. “No Peter! ” screeched his protective and worried mum. “Edward! Lucy! Susan!” she shouted as a tall teenage boy hurried down the stairs checking where his siblings were.  “Mum where’s Susan and Lucy?” Edward screamed in a trembling voice. “Mummy!” a high pitched screech came from upstairs.

As Peter and Edward were waiting with Lucy downstairs, mum ran as fast as she could up the wooden staircase finding Susan in the next room shaking with fear.  “Come on sweetie!” The family sprinted out of the front door and rushed towards their bombproof shelter. “Oh no! Dad’s picture!” Peter cried as he sped rapidly back to the house. “Peter!” Edward shouted angrily.”Got it!” Peter panted. Edward finally caught up with him and grabbed hold of his arm and dragged him to the door. Suddenly a  powerful bomb dropped in their dark front garden and the two boys then collapsed on to their comfortable sofa. “We need to go now!”Edward shouted in Peter’s ear. Then they both raced out of the half destroyed house.

“Come on! Come on!” Mum screeched to the boys. They could hear bombs banging and their mother screaming from the metal shelter. Finally, they reached the shelter. “What were you doing? You could of got us killed!” “Enough! It is almost over”

Or is it?

By Ruby and Neve

The Legend Of Hodsock

Once on a warm sunny day, there was a man. That man’s name was Robbie. Robbie was a gardener, who loved his job very much, and his most favourite part of his job was sitting under a tree after a long days work. On that boiling afternoon he was resting under a great twisted willow tree. Suddenly the branches started to close in on him! Robbie tried to escape but it was no use, the branches and some of the crusty roots of the willow held him back like he was a prisoner.”Help! Help!” No matter how loud he screamed no one could hear him.
“No one can hear you,” a soft voice proudly said behind him. It was a girl with frizzy yet beautiful hair. Robbie fell in love with this mystical girl instantly. “Who are you?” Robbie asked with a breathless voice.”I am Vanessa. The spirit of this tree. You have disturbed me now you’ll pay “she angrily hissed. “I’m so sorry and I’ll be on my way just let me go please,” he begged for her forgiveness. She gave him a cold deep stare and then pointed her finger at him.”There is one thing that you can do but I know you won’t succeed,” she sighed. “Please I’ll do anything, and I promise you that I’ll succeed,” he said eagerly.”Fine. You need to promise to come back every week at this exact hour for three weeks each day with a stick but not from this forest,” she powerfully explained. “I promise but really how hard can that be?” he chuckled at this odd request.”Harder than you think and remember to never forget now go!” After those words he ran straight back to his house. And so, for the past two weeks he did as she asked and then it came to the last week but this week he did go to the woods but a few minutes early. This time he had forgotten to get a stick so he picked one up from the ground and gave it to her. “Hold on one second! This is a joke right?” She asked in a concerned voice as she held the stick out. “What is? That is not a stick from the woods.” He laughed.”Yes it is I saw you pick it up! Oh no! You didn’t keep your promise did you?” She asked angrily. He hesitated to answer. “No I didn’t I am so sorry.”She then looked at him coolly. “Do you realise what you have done? You have just killed us both!” She shouted in a screechy voice. Then the y collapsed dead on the floor. And no one saw them again.