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My Christmas Wish 🎄🎁🎅

This Christmas I wish that me and my family have an amazing time and get what was on our Christmas list. I also wish that everyone can have a great day and be happy on Christmas Day. I hope everyone everywhere has a nice time and everyone receives the present they dreamed of.

The Lake

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Coral. She lived in a large, happy home but would usually be found near the shimmering lake in her great, beautiful garden. If you want to see her, she has red hair and bright green eyes.

Coral always enjoyed playing by the lake, but about once a day she would lean over and touch the soft, cold lake. Occasionally, the child would take her pretty purple shoes off and dip her feet in the icy water. Sometimes she would see different fish, sometimes goldfish, sometimes codfish.

One day, she didn’t just want her fish in it but wanted to go in herself. So the next day she put her old, blue dress on and got in the lake; she loved it. Then, as she was swimming around, she saw an eel, but not any old eel an electric eel!

Coral swam away as fast as her arms and legs could carry her. Then she saw the eel go after a group of fish. Coral wasn’t just going to sit around, she was going to help the poor, helpless fish. She dived in and went to the eel, grabbed a bucket and threw it on the electric eel’s head. She helped the fish back to their home in the lake. The water almost seemed to help her to the surface.

Coral fed the young fish and helped them grow. She played at the lake side everyday and the lake seemed to obey her. They all lived happily ever after.

By Neve

Pizza Making Fun

The Ingredients are;

1. A pizza base 🍕

2. Tomato sauce 🍅

3. Cheese 🧀

4. Pepperoni 🍕

5. Ham 🍖

6. Pineapple 🍍


First, we put the tomato sauce onto the pizza base.

Next, we put the cheese on.

After that, we put our toppings on. Some people got everything but I only got pepperoni and pineapple.

Fourth, the teachers put the pizza in the oven.

Finally, we ate the yummy food. 🍕🍕🧀🍍🍖🍅

By Neve

The Legend Of Hodsock

Once, long long ago, lived a old tree. This tree was gnarled and ancient. The tree grew in Hodsock in a colossal home and an elegant garden. The tree was called Holly. In the massive mansion lived a kind, rich family and in the family there were 3 children. This is the story of the middle child, Hope. She would play in the forest alone, sometimes she even saw strangers. She liked to go near them but they never talked to her as they didn’t know her. However, one day she wondered near Holly and saw a strange, old man. The man called her over and asked her name. “I’m Hope” she replied ” Who are you?” He was filthy and dark. Slowly, the child walked to Holly as the man commanded. She touched the tree. Suddenly, she heard a horrid, evil laugh. She saw white, then couldn’t move. She couldn’t talk. She was the tree. Legend has it, Hope still rests in Hodsock waiting to be freed from the dark bark and dusty wood she was caged in, but only if someone touches her.

By Neve

Haunted Terror 😈👻

Once there lived a young, sweet girl named Emma.  One weekend she went for a 2 day hike, it had rained all day and when night fell a storm broke.  Emma had to find shelter and fast. She ran looking for a house to shelter for the night.  She found a dark, dark house in the woods. Would she risk it and enter?

She unsteadily entered the creepy building and walked through the long, black hall.  She saw a blood red door, Emma stepped back nervously and heard a voice, “Hello… you shouldn’t be here,” it spoke.  She turned around in terror and saw… a ghost.  She screamed in utter fear and panic. “Shh!” he cried madly “you’ll wake them.”  “Who’s them?” Emma finally spoke, she was still confused and frightened about speaking to a ghost. “The other monsters.  I’m Screech. You’ve gotta leave before nightfa………” Screech trailed off realising that the night had begun. “Run!”  shouted Screech.  The two of them ran up the stairs then they saw a terrifying ZOMBIE! Emma tried to run but was grabbed by her neck. “Ugh HELP!” She exclaimed. The monster gripped to her and ran into a room filled with blood and bodies Emma joined the bodies…

By Neve

Letters From The Lighthouse

This Term we have been reading an interesting book Letters From The Lighthouse. It is a book about a girl called Olive who has an older sister Sukie and little brother Cliff. Olive had lived during World War 2 in London.

Olive had gone to see a movie with her siblings and an air raid had begun, so they had to run to an air raid shelter. Sukie got lost during the air raid and didn’t end up coming home. The next day Olive and Cliff were told they’d be evacuated to Budmouth point. Monday they were evacuated and went to the person who would care for them Queenie. Then Esther (a Jewish girl) stayed at Queenie’s too and Olive and Cliff ended up at the lighthouse (Esther’s home.) Then a few days later some people (all of them Jewish) came to the lighthouse to hide and one of them was Esther’s Dad, a doctor. The next day Cliff was very ill and had to go to the local doctor. However the doctor did nothing and they had to go to Esther’s Dad. He said that Cliff had to go to the hospital and fast.But Olive didn’t go with Cliff, Esther did.Then their Mum came down and told Olive that she was a spy not her sister.

That is all we have read so far. I hope you have enjoyed listening to the class book year six Bluejay have been reading.


By Neve Brunt

Music Day 🎵

On Thursday we had a music Day, we did many fun activities like…

First, we did some samba music with Mr Oakton I was using a maraca. The music was extremely loud as well as enjoyable. We did some fills like stopping for four beats. Overall I really enjoyed it and would love to try it again sometime.

Next, we did body percussion, this was very exciting since at the start we all clapping not knowing why. We learnt how to make music with our entire body. Some children even got to make there own piece of body percussion based on something he showed us.

After that, we did some singing with Mr Machin and Miss Smith. Some songs we sang were Little do you know, Power, Human and Symphony. I enjoyed singing alot but it wasn’t my favourite thing about music Day.,

We did some work on the iPads on an app called Garage Band, it’s an app where you can make a piece of music. We did this in partners, mine was Natalia, we made a nice and relaxing song together. This was my favourite activity of music Day.

Finally, we did song writing for an advert,  We chose a real song and changed the lyrics to make it advertise something, me and Natalia advertised coke and our bass song was something just like this.

That concludes Music Day I hope you have enjoyed hearing about the fun we had.

By Neve Brunt