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The Legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time lived a tree called Elm. There were a rich family, who lived in a colossal house, explored a forest. They had a little sister called Emma. She went up to this tree and touched it. She felt really dizzy and then…she vanished.

“Hahahaha” shouted Elm. Her Mum and Dad ran around the magnificent forest to find Emma. Sadly, her mum touched the tree and disappeared. The tree stopped shining and her dad saw blood on the tree and he ran. Dad ran back to the tree and recognised that the blood was gone. He heard footsteps. He felt a warm, soggy hand on his woolly coat. He ran with a fright. Dad saw the tree speak to this man in the forest.

“Hey you there” shouted Dad. He saw the tree and disappeared. He saw a note and it said “Help me!”… but the other side was gone.

“Dad” shouted a familiar voice.

“Emma my sweetie is that you”shouted Dad

“Yes dad” screamed Emma. Later, Dad ran to Emma and saw she had a squirrel in her hand.

“Can we keep it?” said Emma. Emma was happy to have a pet. She was scared about mum.

“Where’s Mum” cried Emma.

“I don’t know” said Dad

by Natalia

How to make a lovely pizza.

Today we made some pizza.We used different kinds of stuff.


Red blood pizza base.

Yellow cheese.

Toppings you like.




First, you make pizza dough and make it into a circle.

Next, you get your tomato puree and spread it all over.

Now, you can put your toppings on.

Soon, you put it in the oven.

Finally, you eat it.

Hope you like the pizza.

By Natalia

In we go

Dark , gloomy and frightening night, a house in the middle of a freezing forest stood there for centuries. Tom and his friends went wondering off into the woods. “Keep quiet,” whispered Tom. SNAP! something snapped in the forest. They started to walk closer to the  crooked , haunted house. CREEK! the door opened. “SHH BE QUIET,” peeped Emma. STOMP. Everyone quietly snuck into a room. GRRR , RUFF. “What’s wrong Leah.?” ( a dog )

“HIDE!” shouted Tom. “Who’s in my house?” said a voice in the distance. Tom and his friends kept quiet for hours until they thought the man went away. “I need to sneeze,” whispered Jack. “AHCHOO!” Jack sneezed and moved to a different spot to hide. “Come out come out were ever you are,” the man shouted.  Tom and his friends ran into another room. “Are you all there?” shouted Tom. But Jack had vanished. “HELP ME!” screamed Jack.

They followed the voice of Jack. The door suddenly shut.” My name is Luke” cried the mystery man. He had a black cape and red eyes like blood. “You are never going back hahaha,” shouted Luke.


by Natalia


Music Day🎹🎧🎵🎶

On Thursday 5th of October we had a music day.First,we did music with Mr Oakton.We did samba drumming.There were shakers,drums and other stuff.We had lots of fun.

Next,we did body percussion it was hard but it was really exciting. We laughed so hard my face went red.We made music with our body.One was called The Milissa,The Neve and The Sam.I wish we can do it again.

Next,we sung with Mr Machin and Miss Smith we sung ‘Little Do You Know’,’Despacito’,’Power’,’Human’ and my favourite ‘Hey Jude’.

Last, we did Lyric writing.We had to make our own advert to a popular song.Mine and Neve’s was something just like this.Ours was about coke.It was amazing.