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The Legend Of Hodsock

Once upon a time there was a wealthy family that lived in a massive house in Hodsock. The Edwards family were very protective with each over and especially since the plague had started. One day the parents of the child died because they caught the plague. In hope that she would hear her parents voices again, Lilly planted them in their back garden under her favourite tree. Every day in school and after school she would cry. Everyone that was around her got worried and were trying to cheer her up as much as possible.

Miserably, Lilly walked over to where she had buried her parents and noticed something strange. The trees looked like her parents. A large amount like their parents. They had eyes one big and round and the other one had thin eyes like her dad, they had small smiles round, button noses.

“Something smells fishy round here!” whispered Lilly to herself. Then she stared deep into the tree. “It’s the fish pond sweetie” the left tree giggled it sounded exactly like her mother. “Run honey before the plague catches you too. Run. Run as fast as your timid legs carry you. Run far far away. Listen to me you have got to go, promise me?” The right tree warned. No words came out of Lilly’s mouth. She froze on the spot. She thought she was dreaming, she wanted to go inside and get away from these trees but it felt like her feet had melted into the ground, she couldn’t move.

Slowly she sank to the floor and started crying, then coughing out blood she started sobbing and screaming. Suddenly, she felt like she had a massive space missing where her stomach was supposed to be. Just then she felt like she was floating, everything was spinning. Which way was the sky? She didn’t know then with a loud thud she hit the floor.

“Keep it together get up Lilly” she mumbled in pain to herself. Finally she got up and saw her mum and dad but they looked like a ghost. “We warned you. We told you to run nut you didn’t listen look at you now” they whispered ashamed. “I’m sorry! I should of listened. Help me please! I love you!” she screamed then she fell back on the ground and shut her eyelids. Unfortunately, it was too late sports someone to help… She was dead.

By Melissa


One misty, frosty night there was a masked ball at the Hodsock House and princes and princesses from all around the world were going. Princess Melonie (one of the most beautiful, glamorous and adored princess) was putting on her best ball gown she owned in her colossal wardrobe. On the skirt part it was pink with black, floral lace and on the top parts there were gems scattered in a spiral line all around the silk material. When the light shone on it she dazzled like a star in the spotlight. When she had the dress on she twirled round and sat at her desk to put makeup on. She put bright pink lipstick on and strapped up her mask around her chocolate brown hair and adjusted it to the right angel to so it fitted her round moon face.

When she arrived she stepped up the grand stairs to the dark oak door and gave a loud knock. Knock Knock Knock! Slowly with a screeching creek. “Who goes there?” shouted a man in some sort of uniform. From inside you could hear lots of talking and laughing. “Princess Melonie Springs” she answered. The man pulled a list out of his navy blue pocket, looked at it then stepped to the side.

As she walked in there were cream chairs leading up to a humongous chrismas tree and a fireplace. As you walk down the corridor there is a massive white vase with bright petunia flowers . After an hour or so Melonie thought that she fell in love with a man. “Could you please take off your mask so I can see your whole face?” she asked politely. She had to know who he was. “Only if you promise to marry me!”

How To Make A Pizza


  • Pizza base
  • Tomato puree
  • Toppings (e.g. Ham, Pineapple, Pepperoni,)
  • Grated cheese


  1. First you spread the tomato puree along the base of the pizza as equally as possible.
  2. Then, you sprinkle the cheese so it is either thick or thin (your choice).
  3. After that it is your choice if you want toppings or not but I put all the toppings on.
  4. Then put it in an oven.

That is 4 simple steps to make a pizza .

Enjoy!                                                                                            By Melissa

The Exciting Day at Eden Camp

7:00 am, Monday 6th November:

The day had finally come. Our class was going to Eden camp. After a long weekends wait the day had come at last. My eyes sprung open and I hopped out of bed. I threw on my school uniform and went downstairs for breakfast. As I gulped down my cereal I thought about all the amazing activities that lay ahead of me. After I finished, I went upstairs to brush my teeth (squeaky clean) and style my hair neatly. In a matter of time I was ready and leaped out of the house and with a spring in my step I set off to school.

The bus arrived at 9:00 and the excitement was building up. Straight after we double checked that we had the first aid kit and spare register we sensibly yet quikly got on to the bus.The engine started and in a flash we were off. We were all talking and about 30 minuets in the journey Euan threw up with a disgusting noise. About 5 minuets later Travis spewed all down the isle and up the seat infront of him. Yuck! Anyway soon after we saw a sign saying “Eden Camp”. Next to that there was a watch tower with a WW2 setting around it. Then we parked the coach, got out, put our stuff into the mess hut and then headed towards our first hut.We went inside and there was lots of intresting newspapers from the time of World War 2. After a few minutes of reading we went outside and took a few pictures then went into an old time puppet show about famous figures in the war.

The best part of the puppet show was either singing “When I’m cleaning windows,” or being sprayed with water. It was very funny and made us laugh allot. When the show was ending we sang “We’ll meet again,” and then Miss Williams made us sing it again because we were not loud enough.

Next we, went to our mess hut and had lunch. And we had sweets and shared really bad jokes. After that we went outside and went into some more huts. There were lots of fun and interesting facts with wax figures that look lifelike and were moving to act out a scene from ww2. In the one that was telling us about ww2 submarines, george pulled a chain and it made a large sound (we took a lot of photos). There was a blitz scene and in my opinion it was the best hut. Hut 11 was where the blitz scene took place. They had re-created a street that had been blown up and had lots of smoke and fire. In the background there was a soldier checking if anyone was home. Can you imagine what it would be like in real life? Coming back to your home after a long day and seeing that it had been blown up and was all burnt down with smoke all around you? I couldn’t. Anyway as you walked through the street it got dalker and dalker until it was pitch black. This was supposed to represent the black out and it worked we couldn’t see anything except black. To prove that it worked I will tell you something. Miss Jackson (the y6 teaching assistant ) turned round and poked me in the eye she didn’t even relise who it was or where she poked.

After the huts we went on a play park/adventure park and we were just running around it was so funny. Jasmine and I were jumping up and down on this bridge that was almost touching the floor and we both jumped at the same time. We thought that we broke it because it was closer to the floor than it was last time but in the end we figured out that we didn’t break it.

A few minutes passed and we were off the park and heading to the bus. We all buckled up safely and a few moments later we were off back to school. Yesss! We made it to school without anyone being sick all over. Umm not quite. We were just about to park when Euan threw up again. The worst part was that we had almost made it.

After an exciting day I just wanted to pull on my onesie and go to sleep. It was such an incredible day that the time flew. I definitely recommend you to go to Eden camp if you are interested in WW2. It was a fun but educational day. After a few hours I went upstairs and turned the lights out…



                                     Melissa and Ruby

Harvest Festival

On Monday the 8th October, Norbridge had a Harvest Festival Assembly where all the classes did a song and dance in front of their key stage and parents. Our class (Bluejay) did it to Conkers . We had a few days to make a dance to the song and for it to be performance read. The song and dance was really fun to learn. On the performance day, we were all in school uniform except Emily and Jasmine. Emily was the role of the conker that we see and want to collect. She was dressed in a massive, bulgy strawberry with brown material over it to look like a conker . Jasmine was the chestnut tree that Emily was supposedly grown on. At the start of the dance, Emily and Jasmine are at the back but then the rest of the class separate and they walked down the space that we make. I felt like I wanted to burst out with laughter when Emily came down but I tried my best to carry on dancing.