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The Legend of Trevor the Spirit…

Once upon a time there was a spirit called Trevor and he was the spirit of a willow tree…Let me tell you his story.

Trevor was a young boy who was born sick he had to eat a magical willow leaf but if he didn’t he would die, but if he ate it he would start to fade after the last leaf fell off of that very same tree. His family finally decided to take a  risk and go for it. When the boy turned 12 years old he saw a beautiful girl, who was the same age as him, and he’s told behind a tree watching her for hours on end.

Finally, feeling a little bashful, went up to her and couldn’t really speak. “H…hi um I…I’m T….T…Trevor.. W..w..what’s your n…n…name?” After he could finally get his words out he smiled awkwardly and didn’t know what to do.

“Hi I’m Alyssa, nice to meet you Trevor!” She replied, holding her hand out to shake his, “Nice to meet you too, Alyssa,” he said feeling more confident and shaking her hand excitedly. “Her uh it’s a nice day do you want to go for a walk in the woods with me.” She asked turning to go deeper into the woods. “Uhh yeah sure, why not?” He said, wait for her to turn so he could start going a little hyper…. So, off they went into the woods talking about interesting things about themselves. Alyssa told her parents about her and they didn’t like the sound of her taking to him but she found time to sneak out and knock on his door to ask him if he wants to hang out again.

Years past and they fell in love and got married, but little did they know that’s only three leafs were left on the willow tree. In two days time Trevor started to fade and in ten minutes he was gone “Trevor no please no,” screamed Alyssa when she found out and started to cry……. Then a spirit crept up behind her and said ” Alyssa, it’s me.” She turned round wiping tears from her eyes

“Trevor?” …

By Jaimie




Story Opening – A Mystery in the Forest…

Once upon a time there was a lovely 12 year old girl called Robin strolling in the woods. Suddenly, a bright multicoloured glow came from behind a bush. Frightened and cautious, Robin slowly tiptoed around the bush and saw a beautiful young boy who was only 13 years old and his name was Brandon. Feeling brave Robin, who thought she was going to faint, finally went up to Brandon and spoke to him. “Hi I’m Robin what’s your name?” She asked him

“Oh, hi I’m Brandon…nice to meet you,” he replied smiling charmingly.

“Nice to meet you too, Brandon. So, how come you’re all alone in the forest?” She asked looking a little confused.

“Oh umm just going for a little stroll in the forest,” he replied pointing into the forest. “Do you want to join me?” he asked hopefully.                                                                   “Sure, why not?” She replied and off they went into the forest.

Pizza Making Instructions

You will need…

Pizza base
Optional toppings (pepperoni,ham,etc;)
Tomato purée
A spoon
A tray
An oven


1. Firstly, you need a tray to put the raw pizza base (that you’ve already made and shaped) on and then get all the toppings ready to decorate.

2. Next, you will need your tomato purée and apply it to your pizza base.

3. When you’ve spread your tomato purée on your pizza base, you need to sprinkle lots of cheese all over the pizza.

4. After that, you can add your toppings to your pizza. If you don’t want any, you can just skip this step.

5. Then, when you have put as many topping on as you want, put it in the oven.

6.When your pizza has come out of the oven, you can tuck in and enjoy.

By Jaimie and Jasmine

The Mystery person👤

I was scared, frightened, not sure of what to do… Then in the distance I saw a mysterious shadow of a man. All life around me was dead. All I could see is mist so much mist. It was dark, creepy and terrifying. “Uh… Hello? Who’s there?” I said confused and scared. There was no reply. The shadow moved closer, closer and closer. Then suddenly “H.. Hello…Ben,” the shadow, slowly and creepily replied. “What do you want from me?” I stuttered. I couldn’t see the person very clearly. Then I got an answer from it. “I want a life I never had a life before me.”

By Jaimie and Jessica


Our First Class Assembly

On Monday the 2nd of October our class did our first assembly of the year. The assembly was about our topic for this year which is World War 2. Everyone had a line to say and we each had a job to do. There was dancing to music, reading out blog posts and we even made an air-raid happen. It was so fun, and I’m going to tell you about it right now.

The first thing we did in our amazing assembly was welcome everyone and tell them what the assembly was about and that our topic is World War 2. We we’re split up into groups and my group had to go first,all I did was say my line and show a picture I drew. Jasmine and Neeve did that with me.

Suddenly, the air-raid happened. The lights went off and Sam was yelling commands to people, there were torch’s shining everywhere and me and my friends where running around in horror.As soon as the air-raid had ended we all calmed down and it was time for the boys (and Natalia and Melissa) to do their dance. It was called The Lambeth Walk.

When they had finished The Lambeth Walk it was time for the girls to do the last dance of the assembly, it was called The Jitterbug.It was so much fun.

When we had done that, it was the end of the assembly and the whole school clapped and I could tell that they loved it.

By Jaimie