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The deadly snake!

Once upon a time there was a super speed boat which gently crawled its way through the calm and gentle deep water. It was a colourful, adorable and beautiful speed boat which stumbled from one side of the creepy water to the other side and floated carefully along the surface of the smooth water. It went down for some reason and nearly got drowned in water as it splashed up into the colourful boat which the man was on. He was comfortably lying down on the deck of the boat and just lazily but easily eased his way in between all the minute and midget gaps. Then all the the bright blue sky stood in the air and let the driver, whose name was Bob Alfie Joe Fox, relax in his cool bath.

Then he just sat down when a big fat splash whooshed up on him and he got soaked in water. It splashed up on us and it was a snake which came out and it looked deadly and vicious but the worst thing was that it was poisonous. Even though all the other stuff about it was scary he was also prickly, mind blowing and horrendous. It was slithering on the water in the boat trying to get the man but it couldn’t get him.

Then the snake caught the man and bit his brilliant face swallowing it. Then everybody jumped up and sprinted away from the now deadliest boat in the world. Then the snake started slithering up and got out of the boat. Then it got on the pavement and chased and chased and chased the people until it caught them. It then sprung into action and jumped but fell back to the floor/ground.

The snake then hurt itself so badly it nearly killed itself. Then they went towards it and were about to kill it but just waited to see if it died itself. Then they shot a bullet at the snake and it killed it and they chopped the snake up and got the man’s head out of the creepy shaped snakes body and then put it back in place.


One quiet night, all the way at the end of the woods, sat an extremely strange house. A man set off for his usual walk through the woods and was heading towards the supposedly “HAUNTED” house. He eventually got there and when he got to the house all of the lights switched on so he thought that somebody was inside. He went to the mysterious house and had a look around but he didn’t see a soul.

All of a sudden, a horrendously large shadow crept up behind him and it went so dark it was like World War 2 during the blitz with all the blackout curtains. All the lights came back on once again and the man looked very puzzled with what was happening. After all that, a man appeared and said hello. He said he wasn’t the owner but if he wasn’t the owner then what was doing inside the house? It all went quiet for a moment and they heard a whisper but couldn’t understand what the whisperer said so they went nearer to where the sound was coming from. They looked around the ground floor of the house. Nothing…so they went up the creaky, unsafe stairs to the first floor but there was still no sign of anybody.  Again, they went up the creaky unsafe stairs to the second floor…… they heard a bang, it was loud. There was still nobody there so they went up the creaky unsafe stairs up to the third floor but still nothing.  Then they decided to go all the way back down the stairs back to the ground floor, there was another massive bang so they had one more look there but there wasn’t anybody either so they just hid together. They hid in the tiny pantry and locked the door. The light coming through the keyhole was suddenly blocked out by a dark figure. The door handle slowly started to turn…

By Jack C

Class Assembly-Conkers

On Monday 9th October 2017 we had our class assembly, our song was called Conkers.

For the past couple of days we had been practising dancing and singing our song. I quite enjoyed practising the dance and it was quite fun. The signing was good but not as fun as the dancing. Miss Williams and Miss Jackson gave us lines to learn, there was only 3 of them. Both teachers said that if you do not sing you would have to do a solo so everybody sang.

The costumes were funny, there was only 2 people who had to wear the costumes, one of them was a conker and the other was a chestnut tree – Emily had the funniest costume and Jasmine had the chestnut tree. Everyone else had just their normal school uniform on. Everyone enjoyed the performance.

We performed in front of the rest of Key Stage 2 and their parents alongside the other classes, both Class 5 and both Class 4 did their acts as well.