The Quest

Once upon a time in Japan a young samurai set out on a mission to deliver an important message to the King. He was riding along a path until he came across an inn so like you would he went inside. In the inn he met an old man, the old man asked where he was going and he said that he was going to deliver a message to the king. The old man told him that he would encounter a dragon, so he set off on the rest of the journey ignoring what the man said little did he know lurking just up the path was the dragon watching him.

It took one hour to get to where the dragon was, he had no clue that the dragon was waiting for him in the bush. As quick as a flash the dragon jumped out of the bush and stood behind him. The samurai heard a twig snap behind him and turned round, stood in front of him was a giant orange and red dragon. He tried to run but did not succeed and the dragon ate him for his tea.

By Jack


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