The Mysterious Moonlight: Where The Mansion Changes

Petrified, spooked and haunted, the movable mansion sat quietly in front of the gigantic moon. “Whooooooo!” The ghosts sing for the nightmares to wake up. “What was that?” An explorer asked himself. “Whooo!” He heard again. Swish! He looked behind him and saw a great big house. “Wow! What is this place?” Then his mouth got covered, rain started falling, he disappeared with all the nightmares. Now no one goes near the house.

Until two crazy young kids move in. Lana, seven, and Tara, eight. They have no idea that the nightmares lay ahead. They move in with a dog, that is crazy like them, called Twinkletoe. The nightmares have their own nightmare, crazy young kids (especially girls). “Yay! I love this new place!” shouted Lana. “Me too, yay!” Tara said back. “Ahhhhh!” the nightmares screamed so loud that the girls couldn’t hear them. When the girls sleep, the ghosts stay hidden, when they go outside, the ghosts stay hidden.

One day, a new ghost (a big ghost) comes to the rescue and becomes the boss of them all. They all make a plan together and the plan is that they will all just come out and scare the girls away. So that’s what they did. Before they did that, at midnight the moon came out very bright and a wolf came as well. So they decided that the wolf will do all the scaring. Luckily, the wolf agreed to it.

In the morning, the nightmares waited in the girl’s room so when the girls wake up the wolf will scare them straight away. Lana slowly opened her eyes. “Ahhhh! It’s so cute,” she squealed as Tara wakes up. “You’re right, it is.” They both looked different ways and saw loads of ghosts. “Come on out little ghosts.” Tara whispered politely and they all followed out one by one. Apart from the boss because he wanted to be in charge of the house. “And you.” they said together but he refused. So the girls just went off with the others and had fun together. The boss ghost got so cross that he flew away and never came back.

A week later, the house looked totally different. The house was pink, there were decorations everywhere and inside they were always having parties.

The End

By Eden


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