The legend of Hodsock

Once upon a time there lived an aggressive, manky ancient tree which lived in an enchanted forest. Everyone has heard a different incredible myth but here is the real one.

Pleasant People were killed threatened and absolutely terrified. The unique tree sucked up innocent people. Every time someone was sucked up they were trapped inside the gruesome fat, wide, long belly of the thoughtless tree  unless some magnificent special person came and killed the stupid tree. If the heart broken people aren’t saved in 25 years they unfortunately could not survive.

Luckily there lived a kung fu master called Ted. He lived in the colossal best building of Hodsock. He trained 20 hours a day so he could eventually conquer the spiteful tree. He lived in a stunning exquisite house with 50 rooms and 10 floors.

2 years later,something crazy happened. SLASH! Went the blade into the vile unpleasant tree as it thumped against the mucky floor. Millions of thankful people walked out in shock. “How has someone saved me?” Someone exclaimed thankfully.

As the warrior helped each and every one of the millions of people out everyone was congratulating him as helped every, patient person out of the trees, blood splurging belly.




by Thomas Parker


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