Pizza Making Instructions

You will need…

Pizza base
Optional toppings (pepperoni,ham,etc;)
Tomato purée
A spoon
A tray
An oven


1. Firstly, you need a tray to put the raw pizza base (that you’ve already made and shaped) on and then get all the toppings ready to decorate.

2. Next, you will need your tomato purée and apply it to your pizza base.

3. When you’ve spread your tomato purée on your pizza base, you need to sprinkle lots of cheese all over the pizza.

4. After that, you can add your toppings to your pizza. If you don’t want any, you can just skip this step.

5. Then, when you have put as many topping on as you want, put it in the oven.

6.When your pizza has come out of the oven, you can tuck in and enjoy.

By Jaimie and Jasmine


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