Eden Camp Adventure

It was 9am on a warm, windy November day. Everyone was exquisite. It was the start of the week and the day after bonfire night. Coming out of the school reception, we rushed up to the white, colossal bus.

About half way there, we all looked towards the front of the bus. Someone was BEING SICK!!! Quickly, we all looked away, I hid under my coat, making a tiny hole between the seat and my coat.  However at that same moment I heard everyone talking and looking over at another boy, he too had been sick.

Finally, we got there! We all rushed off he bus with excitement, all waiting to get in the place. When we were waiting, we all saw a hairy, black cat, it was horrible. First we put our bags down and then made our way to the first hut.

One of the huts was called the Blitz, it was so cool. We could smell different things, it was nasty. In most of them, we saw lots of pictures in the tunnels, it was amazing. There was a school behind us and they were screaming, we ignored them and tried to be the best we cold be.

Just before lunch, we went into a puppet show and got sprayed with lots and lots of water.

At dinner time, we all took our chairs off the tables and tucked into our dinner (we ate in hut one.) After dinner, we went into another hut, hut 11. It was the Blitz, there were loads of banging noises and it didn’t smell the best either!

Hut 13 was the chemist and in cabinets on the walls were loads of facts on the wall about what they would do in the chemist. On the wall, it also showed you what medicine they used.

Finally, we went to the gift shop. Emily bought a tiny design rock, a small statue green lizard and the blitz smell bottle. Taya bought a yellow small statue lizard and a spiky ball that lit up pink. Half of it was yellow the other half was purple.

When we got back to school, it was about 4pm and we were glad to get off the bus and relax.

Emily and Taya


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