Eden Camp

On 9th November at 9am I went to Eden Camp we first started by going on the bus, it was a long journey but we got there in the end.When we first got there we went to a puppet show about famous singers which was really funny and entertaining, at one point we had water shot out at us. We walked through a few huts inside them were a few facts about Hitler and his men and a few about the concentration camps and the jews.

Next came lunch, we had about half an hour to eat our snacks.We then went around a few more huts and then gave Josh some coke and as we thought Josh shook it and it exploded and everybody laughed.After that we went around some vegetable gardens, there were carrots, onions and broccoli.
After that we went around some more huts and then finished the day off in the playground and the gift shop where I bought a pretend snake which I called Bob.We then had another bus journey where we had a fun time with George.Half way through our journey Travis threw up but then he was fine, we were all ok and had a great time.Best school trip ever!!!

so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by josh george and logan;]


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