Music day

A couple of weeks ago the whole school took part in a music day.

For the first task my class did samba drumming with Mr Oakton. It was lots of fun but the drumming hurt our ears.

Next we did body percussion, which is where instead of using percussion instruments you use your body.  An example of this is clapping your hands and stamping your feet on after the other. So it was clap, clap, stomp, stomp 👏🏻👏🏻👣👣. It’s better to wear shoes because it makes a louder noise.

Then it was singing with Mr Machin and Miss Smith.  My favourite song was Despersito because the rest were girlie songs.

After lunch we did Garageband songs on the iPad with a partner. I enjoyed doing this and all of my classes songs sounded very good. My class had done this in Year 4 so we knew how to do this already.

For the final part of our music day we looked at how to do advertising with well known songs. I found this ok but it wasn’t my favourite part of the day as it involved singing and I don’t like singing.

My favourite part of the day was doing GarageBand with Mr Bellingham because we could make up any songs we wanted using any instruments we wanted.

by Archie Slater


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