Music Day

On Thursday the 5th of October the whole school took part in a music day. KS1 and KS2 had different activities.

In year 6 we first did percussion with different instruments to make it sound nice with Mr.Oakton. There was a big drum called a Sudu which was the main part to keep everything else in time. There is even another which is called the counter sudu to help the sudu keep everyone in time. Two peple were on a Sudu each and two people were on a counter Sudu each.

Next we did some body percussion with a man who came in to teach us. He got us to say what part of our bodies make sounds. People said clicking, clapping, heel drop, stamping, hitting your chest and lots more. We learnt a really hard dance to make noises.

Then we did some singing with Miss Smith and Mr . Machin. We did Little Do You Know, Human, Uptown Funk, Power and many more. My favourite song to sing was Power because I love Little Mix.

After lunch we went on garage band with Mr. Bellingham. In garage band I worked with Jack and we made great music.

Last but not least we went to Miss Miller’s class and used songs and a subject to write words for it. For that I worked with Jack, Taya and Jasmine. We did ours about Dominoes Pizza and the song was Shut Up And Dance.

My favourite part was the garage band because I really like making songs and I love the song we made.

By Eden



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