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On Thursday 5th October 2017 we had a music day. All the KS2 classes took part in doing all music related activities. 

The first activity my class did was with Mr. Oakton, we used different instruments and played different beats using fills. My favourite part was doing the first fill.

Then we went into the hall and did body percussion, using our feet, hands, fingers, thighs and hips. It was lots of fun my favourite was tapping really gently on the floor with our finger’s.

Then we went to Miss Boot’s class and made songs on Garage Band with Mr. Bellingham. I was partners with Jasmine and our song sounded like something of a video game. My favourite part was making lyrics for the song.

Our final lesson was with Miss Miller and we were in groups of three and four. I was in a group with Jack, Eden and Jasmine and we used the song shut up and dance to make a advert song for Domino’s. My favourite part was singing the end of our song.

Altogether the favourite part of the music day was when we were with Miss Miller making song lyrics.


By Taya


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