Music Day🎹🎧🎵🎶

On Thursday 5th of October we had a music day.First,we did music with Mr Oakton.We did samba drumming.There were shakers,drums and other stuff.We had lots of fun.

Next,we did body percussion it was hard but it was really exciting. We laughed so hard my face went red.We made music with our body.One was called The Milissa,The Neve and The Sam.I wish we can do it again.

Next,we sung with Mr Machin and Miss Smith we sung ‘Little Do You Know’,’Despacito’,’Power’,’Human’ and my favourite ‘Hey Jude’.

Last, we did Lyric writing.We had to make our own advert to a popular song.Mine and Neve’s was something just like this.Ours was about coke.It was amazing.




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