Harvest Festival

On Monday the 8th October, Norbridge had a Harvest Festival Assembly where all the classes did a song and dance in front of their key stage and parents. Our class (Bluejay) did it to Conkers . We had a few days to make a dance to the song and for it to be performance read. The song and dance was really fun to learn. On the performance day, we were all in school uniform except Emily and Jasmine. Emily was the role of the conker that we see and want to collect. She was dressed in a massive, bulgy strawberry with brown material over it to look like a conker . Jasmine was the chestnut tree that Emily was supposedly grown on. At the start of the dance, Emily and Jasmine are at the back but then the rest of the class separate and they walked down the space that we make. I felt like I wanted to burst out with laughter when Emily came down but I tried my best to carry on dancing.


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