Class Assembly-Conkers

On Monday 9th October 2017 we had our class assembly, our song was called Conkers.

For the past couple of days we had been practising dancing and singing our song. I quite enjoyed practising the dance and it was quite fun. The signing was good but not as fun as the dancing. Miss Williams and Miss Jackson gave us lines to learn, there was only 3 of them. Both teachers said that if you do not sing you would have to do a solo so everybody sang.

The costumes were funny, there was only 2 people who had to wear the costumes, one of them was a conker and the other was a chestnut tree – Emily had the funniest costume and Jasmine had the chestnut tree. Everyone else had just their normal school uniform on. Everyone enjoyed the performance.

We performed in front of the rest of Key Stage 2 and their parents alongside the other classes, both Class 5 and both Class 4 did their acts as well.


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